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Haiku enables Xiph's codecs !
Almost a month ago, Stephan Asmuss (aka stippi) has been accepted for a development contract -- 160 hours at $2000 USD -- to improve Haiku.

In these days, we're reaping the benefits; from's Haiku:

2010/09/13 - 20:18 > Added libogg 1.2.0 into FFmpeg plugin folder.
2010/09/13 - 20:21 > Added libvorbis 1.3.1 into FFmpeg plugin folder.
2010/09/13 - 20:23 > Added libtheora 1.1.1.
2010/09/13 - 20:25 > 
  • Enabled libvorbis and libtheora encoders in FFmpeg
  • Enabled ogg muxer in MuxerTable.
ogg/vorbis creation successfully tested with MediaConverter.
ogg/theora needs more testing, it seems to work, but I need
to switch from the other vorbis/theora/ogg plugins to the
FFmpeg built-in support, otherwise the current theora stream
is not supported by the old plugin.

Last but not least, here's the new MediaPlayer look (on the left):