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Serial number
I was just wondering, if there is, or could possibly be any way to change the serial number, after it has been encoded.
the thing is, I encode my oggs, then i rehuff, so the serial number then gets changed from 1748373, to 1234, and after I rehuff it, i mux it, so the serial number gets set to 0
so i got a bunch of oggs all with a serial number of 0.
would it be possible to change the serial number somehow. since the rehuffing and muxing did in fact change the serial number, it can be changed after its been encoded.
I would like to be able to serialize all my oggs with a set number. which I used to do when I encoded them. but then i lose it after rehuffing and muxing.
I am guessing the answer is no. but was just wondering if it is possible or has anyone ever thought about it.

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Serial number
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Don't know much about the serial numbers but if you cannot directly change it like the tags, perhaps you could use a HEX editor to change it?

Just an idea and maybe completly off the mark!



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Serial number
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There are no tools for doing it that I know of. So basically - yes, it's possible but first you have to create your own tools. It would take some time to become familiar with the libogg (or sogg - simple ogg) first, but after that it should be pretty straightforward.

Changing the serials in a hexeditor is not possible since 1. they are spread out over the whole file (one in every ogg page) and 2. if you change anything in an ogg page you'd have to recalculate the crc value, and that is not a very fun to do manually around 1000 times per file.