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AutoLyric (Powerful Lyrics Plug-in)

AutoLyric is a new type of high performance dynamic lyrics search&display software.

AutoLyric Homepage
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Main features:
Accurate and Clean Lyrics
The lyrics do not contain the non-business-related content, you could enjoy the music with the Accurate and Clean Lyrics.
Accurate karaoke
Support display and editing of accurate karaoke lyrics.
Bilingual/Multilingual Lyric comparision-display
Support Bilingual/Multilingual Lyric comparision-display with line-break, and karaoke at the same time.
Desktop Lyric Show
Beautiful and easy-to-use, high performance.
Word Wrap on Classic Show Style
AutoLyric is the first and the real one supporting word-wrap dynamic lyrics show.
Lyrics Search
AutoLyric can automatically find the most match lyrics by local search or online search.
Lyrics Edit
You could edit lyrics easily by AutoLyric Lyric-Edit function.
Multi-language Support
AutoLyric supports multi-language in the convenient way,and you could specify the certain font for specific language.
High Performance
AutoLyric perform fast and smooth.
Show Styles
AutoLyric support rich show styles and effects.
1)multiple-line, double-line, single-line; vertical text and various alignment;
2)karaoke, fade, transparent background, shadow, emboss, and many kinds of effects;
3)fade, curtains, zooming, brush etc lyrics transition effects;
4)window always on top, or adhere to player, or embedding into player window;
5)you could save and config view solutions.
6)various skins,support skin color changing ...

AutoLyric & Foobar2000 DUI

AutoLyric & Foobar2000 CUI

AutoLyric Bilingual/Multilingual Lyric comparision-display (Desktop Lyric Style)

AutoLyric Separate Window

AutoLyric (Powerful Lyrics Plug-in)

Reply #1
Quick test :
  • Installation scheme does not cope with V1.1 third party installation convention (user-component)

AutoLyric (Powerful Lyrics Plug-in)

Reply #2
No simpe dll to copy? Thanks, I'll pass... :/

AutoLyric (Powerful Lyrics Plug-in)

Reply #4
Doesn't discourage me, I'm eager to check it out since the current lyric viewer we all use BLOWS.

The setup file can be extracted with 7-zip apparently it won't work this way :\

I can't get it to work with Panel Stack Splitter, neither it finds lyrics for most of my artists.

AutoLyric (Powerful Lyrics Plug-in)

Reply #5
sorry for me its a crap.. don't found any lyrics.. even with easily artists and like lwiczek said, no dll ->crap

AutoLyric (Powerful Lyrics Plug-in)

Reply #6
Sounds like a minilyric ripoff.

AutoLyric (Powerful Lyrics Plug-in)

Reply #8
It'll be better supply a dll format file and more lyrics demanded.

AutoLyric (Powerful Lyrics Plug-in)

Reply #9
Does the installer support the new user-components model? It's simple enough for the installer to check for and create a folder for itself if it finds a user-components folder in the profile folder. Of course, it won't support the built-in update checking unless it's uploaded to the official repository as a ZIP file containing the DLL and all required files.

AutoLyric (Powerful Lyrics Plug-in)

Reply #10
Call me paranoid, but I don't trust anything Chinese that doesn't have the source code attached.

Paranoid isn't the word that comes to mind. Would you call me a philistine if I said the following?:

"Call me a philistine but I don't like any art by black people".

PC = TAK + LossyWAV  ::  Portable = Opus (130)

AutoLyric (Powerful Lyrics Plug-in)

Reply #11
And what is your reason to trust anything other than Chinese?

PS I can imagine what use would source be to you