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oggencflac question
I just downloaded the "oggencFLAC (2003-04-01).zip" build, did a few comparison checks before using it. the date is not part of the file name I used it since it was with the files descriptor.

i am using an older version of oggencflac (LibVorbis I 20020717) i dont know which build.
i chose the oggencflac version over the other oggenc versions, since I had found the ones with the flac to be a bit faster for me.

i tried out the new oggencflac as well as the newest oggdropXPdV1.6.11e-CVS and I found it to be a bit slower then the older version. Not only that, but the file size is a bit larger then the older build. (which ya would expect with change it quality.)


[old oggencflac] -q3.02

file length: 5m 34.0s
Elapsed time: 1m 04.0s
Rate: 5.2234
Average br: 114.3 kb/s

[NEW oggencflac 2003-04-01] -q 3.02

file length: 5m 34.0s
Elapsed time: 1m 07.0s
Rate: 4.9896
Average br: 114.6 kb/s

I was just wondering why there is a difference in file sizes & quality. its not much i know. but i noticed it. I would like to use the newest oggencflac version mainly for the updated Vendor info. for sorting purposes. but I dont want to add more file size.
it seems each different build of ogg spits out different quality for the same -q switch. i know this happened before with the RC version. but i didnt think it would change again.
i know I can get the same quality if i play around with the -q switch, as i did before.
yea, i am aware also its a CVS build.
Just was curious, is there any known changes to the quality of the encoder, that i should make adjustments for.
or. is this just something caused by the ICC v7 build, since the old oggencflac i used was from ICC v6.

i thought also, the icc 7 would be faster then the icc6, i know the icc6 was faster then the Gcc3.2 i tried.

thanks for any ideas

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oggencflac question
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The difference, IIRC, is a result of the small changes in the encoder libraries in the current CVS as against the 1.0 libs. I don't believe that this change produce any audible difference for better or worse although it is measurable. It is possible, I really don't remember, that the earlier build also made partial use of the Intel floating point maths libs. The current version does not and is slightly slower, but more accurate.
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