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Tagging (field names)
I use the recommended ID3v2 standards for MP3 but I'm a bit lost when it comes to MPC.
I normally use the "ARTIST WEBPAGE URL" (WOAR), "FILE WEBPAGE URL" (WOAF) and "MEDIA TYPE" (TMED) fields for MP3s. For MPCs, I replace the first two with "RELATED" and "MEDIA TYPE" with "MEDIA". I'm retagging my whole collection with fb2k and I create these fields in the properties dialog.
What I want to know is if it's correct filling the default "Album Artist" field for various artists/splits in MPC, or could I use an alternative to "BAND" (TPE2) because these fields are not defined in the APE standards.


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Tagging (field names)
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You can define whatever tag keys you want as long as they contain allowed ascii characters as  letters, digits, space and slash (see here). Data stored in this keys are in UTF-8 format, so there is no limitation in the used symbols.
What keys will be displayed depends on your player/organizer capabilities, though.

Edit: Sorry, I didn't check your link, actually the content is the same.
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Tagging (field names)
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It seems that "Album Artist" is preferred by most programs, although mp3tag save this information in "BAND" key (but displayed as Album artist).
Foobar use "Album Artist", but it can see "BAND" as well.
If both fields are present, MusicBee would prefer the data stored in "Album Artist" tag, if either one is present, it will be displayed as Album Artist.
Winamp see the "Album Artist" field.
So, it seems that both approaches are possible and acceptable (more or less), and if you are in doubts you can just store both fields.

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Tagging (field names)
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Thanks for your replies.