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XLD bug with file naming
Hi All,

Long time lurker, first post!

I believe I have found a bug with XLD and filenaming. I've searched this forum and the XLD homepage but couldn't find how/where to post a bug report?

The issue is: When using the "Add encoded files to iTunes if possible" in the Preferences>General settings, dashes (-) in the filename get dropped.

For example: My "Format of filename" string is set to /%A/%T/%n - /%t

When I rip a track, let's say Bowie's Rebel Rebel, the rip is correctly written as David Bowie>Diamond Dogs>06 - Rebel Rebel. Yet when it gets imported in to the iTunes library, the filename is changed to David Bowie>Diamond Dogs>06 Rebel Rebel. No dash!

iTunes accepts dashes in the filename so that should not be an issue. Has anyone else noticed this? Am I missing something? I know it may seems trivial but I am anal when it come to file organization.

XLD Version 20100711 (120.5) (and earlier)

MacMini, 1.66 Intel Core Duo, 2GB RAM, MacOS X 10.6.4
MBP, 2.44 Intel Core Duo, 2GB RAM, MacOS X 10.6.4


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XLD bug with file naming
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That's iTunes' default behavior when you have it copy files into the iTunes music folder, which is what I do and I've never seen dashes between the track number and title in any filenames.

It should preserve the dashes if you just have iTunes import the files into the library (i.e. uncheck "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" in Advanced prefs) and leave the files where they are, as iTunes just reads the files in that case.
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XLD bug with file naming
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Files can be stored in the iTunes Media folder without being renamed (and/or moved) by having inactive the preceding option, "Keep iTunes Media folder organised". Of course (well, IIRC), this requires that you put the files there yourself and then add them to your library.

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