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Topic: --alt-preset fast extreme vs. --alt-preset standard (Read 7967 times) previous topic - next topic

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--alt-preset fast extreme vs. --alt-preset standard
Hasr anyone ever found a .wav that actually sounded better when encoded with --alt-preset standard than when encoded with --alt-preset fast extreme?

I am curious if it is possible that --alt-preset fast extreme could in some case perform worse than --alt-preset standard... my guess is that 99.9% of the time this will never happen and -- alt-preset fast extreme should win in such contests... though maybe I'm just dead wrong...


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--alt-preset fast extreme vs. --alt-preset standard
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I haven't. Maybe about same level of distortion, but not so that standard is clearly better.
I haven't compared those against each other almost at all though...

I would say it's possible that fast extreme is worse in some cases. Heck, anything is possible..
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--alt-preset fast extreme vs. --alt-preset standard
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Hi all,

my opinion is:
if somebody wants high bitrates and best quality, why should he use fast extreme ?
Of course it is a little bit faster than normal extreme.
But the guaranted quality over fast extreme should it be worth to take the time to encode with normal extreme, not with fast extreme.

Short question:

Is it safe, sure or tested, proven, that alt extreme is at least equal or better compared to alt standard ?
No known cases where alt standard is better than alt extreme ? -- High Quality Audio Archiving Tutorials

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--alt-preset fast extreme vs. --alt-preset standard
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JohnV wrote:

Maybe about same level of distortion, but not so that standard is clearly better...

JohnV,  what do you mean by the same level of distortion? 

I thought the only thing limiting (quality-wise) the fast modes was the vbr-mtrh... surely the extra bits that fast extreme will have over non-fast standard should more than compensate and give fast extreme less distortion, or am I wrong?

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--alt-preset fast extreme vs. --alt-preset standard
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Somehow the presets add some kind of distortion to some samples.
I call it sandpaper noise but JohnV is correct calling it added distortion.

If you want to experiment, try this.

In all 4 vbr presets distortion is added, mostly with the "e" when she sings become.

aps adds a bit distortion
ape surprisingly adds small plops (or how should i call it?) but less distortion

apfs + apfe are adding both the most distortion

Is troll-adiposity coming from feederism?
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--alt-preset fast extreme vs. --alt-preset standard
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I'd say that perhaps something like this is possible, but very highly unlikely.  The way the encoder works is not absolutely precise in some areas, so when changing certain parameters which should allow higher quality (such as changing the way the quantization loop works), in a freak occurance it could result in lower quality or perhaps a different artifact that might sound more annoying but with overall less distortion.  However, in the vast majority of cases this isn't going to be an issue.

It's certainly not something I'd worry about because for that one case where standard might be better, there are probably hundreds where extreme is better.