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Update: It appears that the file is corrupted. After downloaded ver 3.11 of the voice everything works now.

Anyway for this plugin to support japanese text pattern? E.g.

今植松伸夫でBattle 1を再生

Also it can't seemed to pronounce Japanese title properly. (in kanji form)


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Is this still working? I don't see any section under Playback, where I could turn the component on/off. The preferences pane under Tools is there, though.


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It should be there on the Playback menu with then name TalkToMe on it. Are you using the latest foobar version?


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Hey everyone. I'm glad people are still getting use out of this plugin! I halted development for a while because things seemed to be working pretty well, but I know there are some serious bugs out there still. In order to keep up with everything, I'd like to move development and issue tracking over to my Bitbucket repository:

There is a public wiki and issue tracker there, and you don't need an account to post on the issue tracker (though it's better if you make one). I've added a few issues/feature requests from this thread to the system there, but I'm sure I missed quite a few. If you have an issue or feature request, please add it on the Bitbucket issue tracker.

This is also my first step toward releasing the source code for this plugin, just so the project can live on even if I become too busy to maintain it. I'm not quite ready to do that, though, as I'm still a bit shy about my coding abilities.


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Kudos to another darkOne skin user.

To enable the Menu toobar, go to Preferences -> Display -> Columns UI and tick Show Toolbars under the Miscellaneous section. Then enable it on the menu via Playback -> TalkToMe


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Doh, my reading comprehension is still lacking! Thank you both, guys.


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First of all, thanks for this excellent plugin.
But i'm having problems with the volume of the voice. I already read your notes about that, it doesn't exist a solution for the problem?
Thanks again.


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First of all, thanks for this excellent plugin.
But i'm having problems with the volume of the voice. I already read your notes about that, it doesn't exist a solution for the problem?
Thanks again.

A quick fix would be to use a negative gain/pre-amp. Or apply replay gain.


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Thanks, aganders3, this is a very handy tool.

I was wondering about a feature request: would it be possible to read off the name of the previous song, rather than the upcoming one?

(If you wanted to get really crazy -- and recreate the radio listening experience of my adolescence -- you could make it update every couple songs with the recent playlist and the next-up. But that's crazy talk.)

Anyway, thanks again for your good work!

Edit: I added this to the bitbucket queue as requested. Also, I noticed a "TalkToMe when track is ending" option in the source code, but couldn't tell if this was implemented or not -- I couldn't find it in the preferences.


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Bumping the thread to announce a new version! Yay!

Update! Version 1.0 released May 7, 2012 2013 (That's a long time between updates.)

Thanks to danthe0 some major unicode-related bugs have been addressed. Now you should be able to get this working with Asian characters/voices. I am also now building with the latest SDK version, so you will need Foobar2000 v1.1 to use this component (sorry! if you need/want an older version please let me know - I may have it). Thanks to everyone who uses this component, and especially those of you who contribute feedback, bug reports, and even code! To celebrate these major changes/improvements, I am bumping the version number to 1.0.

Along with this new version, I am officially announcing the code as open source. The source has been up for a while, but I just realized I never made that announcement here.

Finally, my use of this plugin has diminished, hence the slowdown in development. I know there is another TTS plugin out now, and it seems to have some really cool features. However, I am happy to keep working on this if there is still interest in foo_talktome. I am also interested in helping/working with other developers to create TTS or other interesting Foobar components - just PM me if you'd like to work together on something.

Download foo_talktome.dll v1.0 here
(or here)

Please use the issue tracker on the BitBucket Repo to report bugs/feature requests.


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Well I for one use and like your TTS component --- even if it means teaching the dumb ass computer how to talk music:

.... $puts(2,$if($strcmp(%genre%,Classical),$replace(%title%,'BC ',' Basso Continuo  ........,'A minor','ay minor','A major','ay major','A flat','ay flat'),..............blah blah code blah ..............))

Thanks for the update. 

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Thank you!
I'm using it all the time, as I think you know.

The default voice in Windows 8 is pretty good, and I haven't used any other until some days ago when some friends and I had a discussion about Miku Hatsune and Vocaloid in general.
Most of its voices that are available are Japanese but there are some English ones as well, e.g. Megpoid.
Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any SAPI support for them, would be cool to be able to use them as TTS.

What I did found was some other voices, they sound really good too, from IVONA. [ IVONA Text-to-Speech Voices ]
Right now I'm using their voice, Salli.

A bit funny that earlier today there was a thread about TTS, in which I linked to this thread. [ sapi5 question - Hydrogenaudio Forums ]
You can see my link to the demo I did using that voice and foo_talktome.

I've started some issues on the tracker, hope you don't mind.
Windows 10 Pro x64 // foobar2000 1.3.10


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Hi aganders3

Made you the assignee (which is probably wrong), but posted a minor conflict with foo_skip here:

Need any more info, let me know.

ps. No other DSPs running, only foo_skip DSP (with skip tracks enabled).

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Re: foo_talktome

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Download links are down for the last version, could someone upload or share any link where i can download it?

Thanks a lot in advance

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