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I like to keep my foobar window small, but the downside is that I can't always fit the artist and track name on the screen at the same time. So I wrote some songtickers using title formatting to mimic the behavior of the Winamp songticker. Personally, I display them with Text Display, but they should work with any field that supports title formatting and has access to the playing track's information.

In all of the songtickers
  • Use a monospaced font for best results. (e.g. Lucida Console or Courier New)
  • Set the "text" variable to whatever string you want to display. {default: [%artist% - ]%title%}
  • Set the "dispLen" variable to the maximum number of characters your display field can fit (more or less if you prefer). {default: 26}

songticker classic 1.0
  • Text scrolls continuously to the left, looping forever.
  • The "textAndPad" variable sets the characters that separate one loop iteration from the next. Feel free to change them. {default: " *** "}
  • The "scrollSpeed" variable changes the scrolling rate. {default: 1}

songticker modern 1.0
  • Text bounces back and forth between the beginning and end of the string.
  • Text pauses at the beginning and end of the string before reversing scroll direction.

songticker modern-noPause 1.0
  • Text bounces back and forth between the beginning and end of the string.
  • Text does not pause at the beginning or end of the string.


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Thanks.  It's pretty helpful.  Is there a way to use smaller time divisions than one second (for smoother scrolling)?


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I'm glad you like them. Unfortunately, the smallest timekeeping title formatting tag updates in 1 second intervals.
I suppose a component could be written to add a new title formatting tag with higher precision.