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May Project of the Month: LAME
LAME was one of the earliest projects hosted by SourceForge. They had chosen this month the LAME project, to give some spotlight on one of their longest running projects. Read more:

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May Project of the Month: LAME
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Gabriel Bouvigne: We initially made the mistake to provide access to developer-centric options within LAME's interface, and many people choose to use those in all kind of strange and suboptimal ways. Now, we need to keep those available in order to keep backward compatibility of LAME's interface. I would wish we never provided those options to end users, keeping those only available within debug or beta versions.


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May Project of the Month: LAME
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Thanks for posting this. It's good to see LAME get some attention at SourceForge. Congratulations on being recognized.

May Project of the Month: LAME
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