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WMA/ASF Data Object Independence
I have been working on a project parsing and transmitting mp3 files over a network to a hardware decoder. The MP3 format specifies that frames may not be independent due to 'byte-reservoir or back data'; where data for a one frames lies in the proceeding frame.

I can find no reference to this in the ASF specification; but was wondering if a decoder can decode a data object (or frame or packet etc..) on it's own, or whether it needs several. And if so where is the information relating to this stored?


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WMA/ASF Data Object Independence
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Looking at the decoder source, it seems like each packet contains 1 superframe.  Looking at the superframe init code, a superframe is equal to a frame if there is no bit reservoir.  So it looks like individual superframes/packets should be independent of each other, but I'm not certain.