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GXLame Test sample

Pumping noise, particularly noticeable in the instrumental intro.


GXLame Test sample

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Pumping noise, particularly noticeable in the instrumental intro.


For the life of me, I just can't...!

I went this low (V10, about 74kbps) but I still can't grasp what you're talking about. There's a bit of added noise, some smearing, some slight ringing (which I've already clamped down on a bit since t1), but for the life of me I can't quite get a handle on the bicycle pump, if you'll excuse the poor joke. I'd actually proclaim this sample to have quite decent quality at 74kbps. Maybe your decoder or encoder or something is dithering or adding noise. Maybe you just have a good ath and can detect these things. Moving noise floor, yes, it's a somewhat elevated dynamic noise floor, but pumping noise?

Ah, this just hit me. Did you mean a fluctuating manual bike pump (the kind you put into your tire and push the lever with all your might) or the slow leak from a balloon? Because I can understand if it's the latter-- added white noise is part of the bundle, for sure, but I can't get over the bike pump. 
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GXLame Test sample

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It is (more or less) white noise, but it's also fluctuating (or you could say dynamic, just maybe a bit too dynamic).

Code: [Select]
tested range: 7.5-8.5 seconds

foo_abx 1.3.1 report
foobar2000 v0.9.4.5
2010/04/26 14:00:25

File A: I:\ThirdWorldMan.flac
File B: I:\3wm_gxlt2.flac

14:00:25 : Test started.
14:00:47 : 01/01  50.0%
14:00:55 : 02/02  25.0%
14:01:00 : 03/03  12.5%
14:01:06 : 04/04  6.3%
14:01:13 : 05/05  3.1%
14:01:18 : 06/06  1.6%
14:01:27 : 07/07  0.8%
14:01:36 : 08/08  0.4%
14:01:43 : 09/09  0.2%
14:01:55 : 10/10  0.1%
14:02:02 : 11/11  0.0%
14:02:09 : 12/12  0.0%
14:02:13 : 13/13  0.0%
14:02:18 : 14/14  0.0%
14:02:23 : 15/15  0.0%
14:02:34 : 16/16  0.0%
14:02:38 : Test finished.

Total: 16/16 (0.0%)

Obviously with mp3 at those bitrates you can only expect a trade-off between different artifacts (and lowpass), but that's the one that sticks out most to me, even when playing at (imo ) fairly low volumes, I am using relatively bright sounding headphones though (AKG K701).

GXLame Test sample

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Yet another sample.
This sample is ok for -V30 but awful for -V29 and below.


(btw, good problem sample for LAME is 05___Angels_Fall_First_ringing.flac)