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.m2ts plugin
Is there any way to open .m2ts files in fb2k? Any plugin or even, convert .m2ts to FLAC or another lossless?
The .m2ts is audio only, 24/96 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio

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.m2ts plugin
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Buy a legal copy of the album, then you'll get it in a proper format, and so won't have this problem.

To answer your question, according to Google there doesn't appear to be a plugin. But other searches will provide information on .m2ts files and perhaps how you can convert them into a usable format. Why the 'releaser' (pirate) decided to convert an SACD to Blu-ray format is beyond me.
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.m2ts plugin
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What does .mt2s have to do with SACD, dv1989?

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.m2ts plugin
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Before being edited, the original post quoted a release log including lines something like:

Source: SACD
Format: Bluray Lossless Audio

So I assumed it had been converted from the former.

OP: Way to edit your post to hide the fact that it's about pirated files, while not acknowledging my post--which, to reiterate, states that searching suggests that there is no plugin, but will probably provide information on converting the files to a more supported (and logical) format.
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.m2ts plugin
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use eac3to to convert it to FLAC.
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.m2ts plugin
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Foobar can currently only play dts (not dts-hd).

To play the dts:
  Use tsmuxer to demux the dts core from the dts-hd.

To play the dts-hd:
  Use tsmuxer to demux the dts-hd and convert it to flac with eac3to and arcsoft.