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Creating a playlist of Unplayed Artists

Hey guys,

I've been posting this query of mine one by one on each mediaplayer forum, Winamp failed to help, iTunes forum was completely useless, MediaMonkey got close but the script I'm looking for is still in development. So I've been trying to create a playlist which consists of Unplayed Artists. And having been Googling for a while, THIS topic popped up as a result:

Having read through that, it seemed perfect, but it doesn't look like the original poster ever put it into implementation. So I'm a tad stuck, I grabbed foo_customdb.dll, but now I've hit a brick wall. Could anyone help me out with this personal mission of mine. I've figured I need to make a custom tag for Total Artist Playcount, but no idea how to go about it.

Thanks in advance,

ps. in the meantime I'mma fiddle and see if I can work it out.