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WMP 12 on Windows 7
Hello, Hydrogenaudio community , i would like some help on the error i am getting.

From the start,
I first had Windows Vista [SP 2 , Home perminum] which was good but really had too much issues , so i decided to upgrade [Full Install] to Windows 7 Ultimate [v. 6.1.7600 build 7600, 32bit]. So as always i downloaded extra codecs [] and a Tag extender [] because i have flac and acc files and would want them to work on WMP .
The error that happens is when i drag my music folder which contains the flac , acc and mp3 files nothing shows up at the library of WMP 12 but also when they all appear and then u close WMP 12, they get disappeared from the library [all files were still in the my music folder] , the funny thng is when i only drag the mp3 files tey appear evn after WMP 12 is closed . This error nevr happened to me when i was on Vista .
The solutions what i did but didn't work is i uninstalled the extra codecs and the tag extender and installed it again the same damn error happens , i also formatted the operating system's hardrive and installed 7 again but still the same thng .
PLs help me and thanks

WMP 12 on Windows 7
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I think that, quite generally speaking, WMP12 has some serious issues, especially in the Library department - I don't have your exact problem, but myself and some of my friends have had issues where WMP will a) not recognize that a file has been deleted and therefore does not remove the missing files from the library, b) sometimes will not recognize new tracks, or changes to tracks, or c) does not consistently read some or all metadata from tracks that it does recognize as being present.

All of these things occur, despite WMP12 making a very large point of its "updating library" animation in the bottom right and "update complete" (I may be paraphrasing, but anyone who uses WMP12 will know what I speak of).

I think, if you are truly concerned about good management and organization of your collection, you'll simply move to foobar2000 or perhaps Winamp.  In my opinion, iTunes and WMP are simply too finicky or time-consuming to use for large or detailed libraries of music.
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WMP 12 on Windows 7
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Windows 7 and WMP 12 natively read AAC audio and tag,but WMP 12 is very buggy. I suggest you to use Foobar2000 (not to mention that with 7 superbar component you get the same experience and even better when you enrich it with other components).

WMP 12 on Windows 7
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Thanks alot for the help . Winamp and foobar are indeed awesome applications .