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Foobar stalls eating cpu on some mp3 files

Foobar stalls eating 50% cpu (one core of my Core2Duo) when I add some of my mp3 files to the playlist. It also stalls on media library scan when it tries to process these files. If I close foobar after this by pressing the close button, it continues eating cpu in the background.

The problem seems to be in foo_input_std.dll. Process Explorer shows that the thread that eats cpu runs functions from this dll.

Mplayer / Windows Media Player plays the files in question without any problems.

I have successfully reproduced the bug on clean installations of foobar 1.0.0, 1.0.1 and 1.0.2b1.

I'm running foobar on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. If it is needed, I can provide additional information on the hardware I'm using.

One of the files in question can be downloaded here:

Foobar stalls eating cpu on some mp3 files

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This is very interesting, thanks for reporting, I'm currently investigating it.
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Foobar stalls eating cpu on some mp3 files

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I can reproduce it on FB1.0 on XP SP3, by dragging the file from a non-library location (my desktop) to a new playlist.

The Processing dialog will stall. The Abort button becomes a dud, and closing FB's window does not exit the foobar.exe process, which I have to do manually in the process list.