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There are both .fcl (for Columns UI layout) and .elp (for ELPlaylist) config files.

If you're going to use the .fcl layout (file - preferences > display - columns ui - main - import...), you also need to download the Panel Stack Splitter.
If you only wish to use the config in ELPlaylist - right click the playlist and choose "Settings...", after that click on "Import..." and import the .elp file.

Both ELPlaylist and PSS can be found here:

The visual style used in the screenshot is my "no-glow" mod of Soft7 1.8 visual style for Win7.

Edit: to hide the display of the presence of BIO and LYRICS tags in ELPlaylist - set these field definitions to 0 (zero):
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Thanks for upload, looks great

  • nickdc
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Hi man, the config is really nice, but looks different from your screenshot here

do u know why?

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best foobar skins ever seriously

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This is one of the most functional, compact ELPlaylist layout's I've seen.  And it looks really nice too.  It's also well coded and easy to understand and make modifications to.  Thanks a lot!