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Re: CUETools DB
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Actually it wasn't, but i just fixed it ;) Apparently it was a bug in the version of XMLSerializer package that got installed with server update.
CUETools 2.1.6

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Re: CUETools DB
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Thank you very much!

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Re: CUETools DB
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Yes, ditto from me.    Thanks for fixing the '/&/" problem.

However, one thing I've learned from this exercise is that I still have to watch out for the issue identified by plugs13amp where close-single-quote (x92) characters have been used in metadata instead of actual apostrophes (x27), as the Yamaha RN500 network receiver that I use to stream music from my NAS can't display x92 characters - they appear as underscores.  (But the associated Yamaha NP control app on my iPad does display them correctly.)   It would interesting to know if this is also a problem with other players.

Re: CUETools DB
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Belated thanks for the &apos fix from me too (been on holiday)

In response to Twangster, my Squeezebox setup doesn't have a problem with the close-single-quote (x92) character, neither the web interface nor the hardware player's display (V3 Classic). My little Sansa Clip+ also displays it properly with the native software, but I have it set up to dual boot with RockBox, and that displays a dotted rectangle instead.

Re: CUETools DB
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Hi !
It seems that the sync between CTDB and musicbrainz is down again.
 ( probably because of : )

Is it possible to have a look ?

Best Regard, and thanks for your work :D

Re: CUETools DB
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Thanks for letting me know. Running the upgrade now.
CUETools 2.1.6

Re: CUETools DB
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Running the upgrade now.
Is there possible a manual database update with correct data?
I know that the CTDB uses the same data for multiple releases of the same disc, but the releases data might be obsolete or incorrect.
For example my dual set PIO-CD-5180-2 Pioneer's release of Armitage III OST barcode 013023518025 gets recognized as Geneon release 51942  barcode 013023519428 which is not. Just because there is no such of release (Pioneer's) in CTDB.
Correct me if I not understanding it properly.

Re: CUETools DB
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Manual intervention was only needed once, back in August because the database schema changed in May, and i didn't notice it. Normal replication that syncs the database every hour was resumed in August, on the day when i made that comment.

Musicbrainz is probably just missing information about your release. Or more likely, it knows about your release, but doesn't have a CD TOC attached to it. The same CD TOC is attached to other release though (probably because those releases have the same TOC). You can manually attach your TOC to the correct release. When you click the musicbrainz button in the CUERipper status bar, it actually takes you to the musicbrainz website to do just that. If you do that, in about an hour the correct information will reach CTDB.
CUETools 2.1.6

Re: CUETools DB
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Nah, I just used to verify/merge discids from Geneon release to Pioneer (appears to be they contain the same data)
For convenience maybe this function can be extended to CUETools: to use EAC logs/TOCs as database verify medium instead or in addition to cues, and for submitting to Musicbrainz. Of course it is not THAT reliable as original discs but still viable option.
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