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Topic: mp3gain modify to supporte ID3v2 tag (Read 1129 times) previous topic - next topic

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mp3gain modify to supporte ID3v2 tag

The new mp3gain version can store replay gain value on ID3v2 tag ("-s i" option) but use the standard ID3v2 replaygain tag format ... which is not supported on my audio player (mpd and gmusicbrowser (gstreamer))... as far as I know...

I modify the mp3gain code in order to use TagLib first .. and add the option "-s f" which store replaygain value on ID3v2 tag "foobar" format : replaygain_track_* , replaygain_peak_*

I post a PKGBUILD on AUR (archlinux) .. but you can compile it with other distribution...

If you want to test it :

PS : sorry for my bad english
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