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lame 3.98.4, 3.99 alpha
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i guess i'm gonna stick with visual c++ builds from now.

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lame 3.98.4, 3.99 alpha
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Was using dbPowerAmp (which uses LAME) to convert some FLAC for my ipod and noticed it wasn't using my CPU to its full potential.

Only goes up to ~15% per process. Total encoding speed was around 120-130x, which is much slower than normal. I was doing the same thing yesterday and all 4 cores were maxed. I don't have anything running in the background (besides the other 101 Could it be a HD speed issue? The input and output paths were on the same drive, but it's a WD Black so it's not terribly slow, and I didn't hear any drive noise.

Any ideas? 2x+ longer transcodes suck:(
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lame 3.98.4, 3.99 alpha
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The Lame 3.99 Release thread can be found here:

This one will now close.  Thanks to everyone for their participation.
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Is 24-bit/192kHz good enough for your lo-fi vinyl, or do you need 32/384?