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(Bug) alt+space key combination not working
Been using fb2k for a long time now and helluva lot satisfied with it..

In the latest 1.0.1 version, i can't use the alt+space - n to minimize the foobar window. Instead i have to use the minimize button with mouse. Until 1.0 this bug was not there and hopefully they'll fix in the next version.

I'm using win7 32bit and fb2k 1.0.1

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(Bug) alt+space key combination not working
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Fixed for 1.0.2, thanks for reporting.

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(Bug) alt+space key combination not working
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Just to make sure. alt+space bar is supposed to open system menu for the current foreground window. It's a windows shortcut. Hopefully the fix for 1.0.2 doesn't clash with this functionality.