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My brother died

My beloved brother and friend, hereabouts known as 'rpp3po', passed away on Friday at the age of 29. We are all  very shocked. A rare medical condition had been diagnosed not before November - and now he is already dead. He sometimes participated here from the hospital bed, so I thought I let you know. Please respect that I don't want to answer private messages for now.

My brother died

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Oh, that's awful. I'm sorry. I dare say I've seen some of his participation, although I can't recall where, recently. He'll be missed for that as well as for everything else, but "everything else" is a lot more important.
J. D. (jj) Johnston

My brother died

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I am really sorry to hear that! My condolences!

I really enjoyed reading his posts and he will be missed...

My brother died

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This made an already-terrible day even worse for me. I don't know rpp3po at all, but our paths crossed quite a lot on this forum, and looking back at his age and interests it's clear that we're more similar than I realized.

My condolences to you, your family and his (and your) friends. He was a very sharp guy who contributed many positive things to our little corner of the world and he will be missed.

My brother died

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I really can´t express how that hits me!

Me myself is involved in these communities a while now and sometimes thinks about such situtations.

A brother coming in to report such a tragedy should be thanked!

rpp3po deserved we notice it!

Myself is to often busy drowning in self-pity cause of illness but realizing how it can hit these young ambitious, intelligent nice persons just makes me cry...
Is troll-adiposity coming from feederism?
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My brother died

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Thank you all for your kind words!

My brother died

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Very sad news.
My condolences to you and family.
He was very active user and contributed a lot to discussions. I'll miss him.

My brother died

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I am chocked and deeply saddened by this news. My condolences to everyone who knew him here as rpp3po and to those who knew him in person outside HA.

Just about 10 days before his passing I exchanged a couple of PMs with him ... oh dear, I don't know what to say. I feel so sorry.

I think his last great contribution here was to fix bugs in the ABC/HR for Java program. We had a nice cooperation going on. The forum thread is here: My role was to propose and test the fixes. I wonder if he was doing that work from hospital. He never mentioned anything about his illness. He uploaded the final fixed version at the end of January.

He was obviously interested in Java programming (I don't know if that was also his work). In June 2009 he released a Java tool for syncing audio samples accurately:

My brother died

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Edit: chocked  -> shocked in my above reply.

In my opinion HA should release a proper obituary in a more visible place. I found this thread only by chance because I rarely visit here. I think very few members are aware of this sad news because the topics on this board are not listed as recent topics or in the RSS feed. In addition, rpp3po's name is not mentioned in title. The current title could mean something not serious like refer to a game, joke, or something else entirely different.


Since you have been perhaps the most active moderator recently could you please post an obituary in the forum news? I think someone from the HA staff would need to do that. It would not be respectful to post it in the news submissions board. As a native English speaker you would also probably write it better than I could (and avoid stupid typos like mine above).

Naturally it should include a link to this thread. Actually, this thread should be moved to a more proper place and maybe pinned for some time. I think Site Related Discussion would be fine.

My brother died

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The topic title is now better.

In general I wonder if HA should have a policy for deceased members.

For instance, Facebook has been on news because of their policy. Here is an example link:

Facebook has now a system that can put a profile in a "memorialized state" after a reported death has been verified.

Personally I would feel quite bad afterwards if I had replied a dead person's post or sent that person a PM without being aware of the death.

Perhaps the administrators could change the member's profile to include this information so that it can be seen in the member's posts. Naturally it should be done in a respectful way and if the sad news have a discussion thread a link could be included in the signature.

In order to prevent bogus information taken seriously the administrators would need to verify the news. The person who reports the death should provide reasonable proof privately.

My brother died

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Similar thoughts have crossed my mind... it depends entirely on the community. In my perception, HydrogenAudio is not a terribly close-knit community - compared to such chumvilles as Head-Fi etc - and such actions introduce a profound amount of personalization into the forum which to some degree has been lacking. It represents a pretty substantial change in culture. I'm pretty sure that would be a good thing, insofar as some of us obviously care more about each other than we might have suspected, but I'm not certain.

My brother died

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I will miss him

My brother died

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My condolences

My brother died

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OMG, this is so sad.
At such age... Shocking.
And I've been wondering why there was no more new posts from rpp3po...

My condolences.

He was a knowledgeable and helping contributor, and a friendly guy.
Such a loss.

My brother died

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My condolences to you and your family,i'm sad though i didn't know him personally. He contributed a lot on Hydrogenaudio.

My brother died

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Sorry for being one month too late, but I didn't see this thread. I guess for me it's just as shocking as for the other forum members.

Mein tiefes Beileid.

I still have some messages from rpp3po in my inbox. We communicated in connection with his delay removal/synchronization tool Synchrotron. Thought I should share this so his work is not forgotten.

[Edit: I see now that Alex B already mentioned that tool. Sorry for being redundant].

If I don't reply to your reply, it means I agree with you.

My brother died

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My beloved brother and friend, hereabouts known as 'rpp3po', passed away on Friday at the age of 29. We are all  very shocked. A rare medical condition had been diagnosed not before November - and now he is already dead. He sometimes participated here from the hospital bed, so I thought I let you know. Please respect that I don't want to answer private messages for now.

Yes, I'm a month late hearing about this, but please accept my condolences.

I lost a son who was 16, 11 years ago. It is so tragic when someone under 50 goes. So much undeveloped potential!

My brother died

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I would also like to offer rpp3po's family, friends and all who loved him my condolences. Each time I see one of his posts on HA I feel sadness. Even one day before his death he was logged in here.

Our passion for audio technology and music is what we all have in common on Hydrogenaudio. One of us has passed away.

We can be proud that rpp3po has been a member here.

This is HA. Not the Jerry Springer Show.

My brother died

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I just knew and I'm really sorry, I'm afraid I don't come that much here lately. I remember him from many posts. My condolences.

My brother died

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Just hearing of this now....very sad news.  He will be missed here.

My brother died

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My sincere condolences.

My brother died

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rpp3po was one of my favorite members on this forum.  His posts were among the major reasons I found a home on HA and his thinking even strengthened my faith in the scientific method and the value of what I do for a living.

Sorry for the lateness of this, but my condolences to you and your family during this time. 

He will be missed!

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