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Topic: Aotuv b5.7 + a little highs lift (Read 3419 times) previous topic - next topic

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Aotuv b5.7 + a little highs lift
Hi everybady, 

              I´ve compiled  the aotuv b5.7 source code to get a lift in the high frecuency tha for my ear sounds at a lower volume level  in the original aoyumi tunnings, and a put my brain to work to understand the difficult vorbis source code and how to compile it.

Well, here is the dll´s for everyone that want to try, because i've read in other post that a user says the same  volume problem in the high ferecuency that i see

My solution was editing the value  in the funtion that attenuate the highs

here is the archive with the dlls


PD: Sorry for my very bad english, i speak spanish
PD2: la modificacion a hice para mi y la posteo para quien note lo de los agudos