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Global keyboard shortcuts

I used this global keyboard shortcuts "Win+[Up/Down/Left/Right]" when I was on XP, and on 7 "Ctrl+Alt+[Up/Down/Left/Right]" for Play/Stop/Prev/Next

Right now those are associated with my graphic driver, so I was thinking which one to use now, and thought to ask community about their experience 

Global keyboard shortcuts

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if you like them and are used to them, can't you turn off the keyboard shortcuts in your GPU drivers?

Global keyboard shortcuts

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I can, and I'm not that used to them, so I was thinking about something easier than Ctrl+Alt, maybe Ctrl+Shift or something else
I was also curious what global hotkeys have others set

Global keyboard shortcuts

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I was also curious what global hotkeys have others set

KEY for ...

Pause for Play/Stop (global)
Space for Play/Stop (not global)
F7 for Playback/Previous (global)
F8 for Playback/Next (global)
F9 for Playback/Stop (global)
Ctrl - Left for Playback/Volume/Down (global)
Ctrl - Right for Playback/Volume/Up (global)

Global keyboard shortcuts

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Play/Pause: Alt Gr -
Hide/Show: Alt Gr .
Next: Alt Gr N
Random: Alt Gr B
Back: Alt Gr V
Preferences: Alt Gr ยจ
Volume Up: Ctrl Up
Volume Down: Ctrl Down
Library Search: Ctrl F3
Restart: Alt R
Notepad2: Win N
Copy Name: Alt C
DSP Presets: Shift Ctrl 1-2
Windows 10 Pro x64 // foobar2000 1.3.10

Global keyboard shortcuts

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I have these (all with CTRL+SHIFT):

W - volume up
S - volume down
A - seek back
D - seek forward
Q - elplaylist collapse groups
E - elplaylist expand groups

These are inherited from winamp:
Y - previous track
X - play
C - pause
V - stop
B - next

Perhaps using ctrl+shift as modifier is not a very good idea because it can cause conflicts in programs such as Photoshop, but I've been using this for a very long time.

Global keyboard shortcuts

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F7 for Playback/Previous (global)
F8 for Playback/Next (global)
F9 for Playback/Stop (global)

Just those keys without Ctrl or Alt?

Doesn't that kind of conflict with basically every other application you use?


The only global shortcut I use is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12* to toggle the foobar window.

Space = Toggle Pause
Ctrl+Space = stop
Ctrl+Enter = start playback
Enter = play current item
Ctrl + Up & Down = volume
Left + Right = seek 5 seconds
Ctrl + Left & Right = play next & previous
Ctrl + 0 = toggle stop after current (i.e. Stop On Next, given the current behavious)
F = playlist search

*) that may seem like a finger-ful but I also use Save For Web in Photoshop a lot, so it's really no problem, as it fits quite nicely.

Global keyboard shortcuts

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Buy a new keyboard with dedicated keys ?

Global keyboard shortcuts

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All of the following keyboard shurtcuts I have set to global:
  • strg + [Num pad] , = play the actually marked track
  • strg + [Num pad] - = play the previous track
  • strg + [Num pad] + = play the next track
  • strg + [Num pad] 5 = play/pause
This is HA. Not the Jerry Springer Show.

Global keyboard shortcuts

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Pause - Play/Pause
Ctrl + PgUp - Previous Track
Ctrl + PgDn - Next Track
Ctrl + Alt + Up  - Increase Volume
Ctrl + Alt + Dn - Decrease Volume
Ctrl + Alt + Left - Seek Back 5 Seconds
Ctrl + Alt + Right - Seek Forward 5 Seconds
Ctrl + Alt + Backspace - Restart

Global keyboard shortcuts

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Ctrl+Alt+Ins - Play/Pause
Ctrl+Alt+Home - Show/Hide Player
Ctrl+Alt+Page Up - Next track
Ctrl+Alt+Page Down - Previous Track

Global keyboard shortcuts

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All keys are global, fully working in WinXP only.

Win+W - Activate/Hide (With 'Minimize to tray' on)
Win+Z - Prev
Win+X - Play
Win+C - Pause
Win+V - Stop
Win+N - Next

That way I can control the player with my left hand without moving or stretching it.
I wish windows would let me use Win+B instead of Win+N...
Also, Windows 7 wouldn't let me use Win+C and Win+V

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