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Some loud samples

For the thread:

"Merzbow" replay gain -21.04 dB
"Garbage" replay gain -13.82 dB
"AC/DC" replay gain -11.57 dB

I may remove these quite soon if I need more room.

Some loud samples

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I Lead You Towards Glorious Times is live?

I did not know that.

Clearly that had an impact on the sound quality.

Some loud samples

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The Garbage excerpt: OMFG, is that really on the CD like that? Even when zooming in on the waveform in my audio editor, I can hardly see any dynamic structure in the waveform. It looks (and sounds) like clipped pink noise.

This is the worst example I have seen so far. What are we doing to our music 

Thanks for sharing!

If I don't reply to your reply, it means I agree with you.


Some loud samples

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A new garbage sample: "Bleed Like Me". The related thread & post:


The folders and files in the package:

FOLDER   6000 samples (cymbal crash)\

FILE   6000 samples LAME -V5 decoded to 16-bit int (peaks truncated), adjusted -5dB,  saved to 32-bit float.wav
FILE   6000 samples LAME -V5 decoded to 32-bit float (peaks preserved), adjusted -5dB, saved to 32-bit float.wav
FILE   6000 samples Lossless, adjusted -5dB, saved to 32-bit float.wav

FOLDER   90000 samples (6000 samples looped 15 times) for ABX testing, 16-bit files\

FILE   90000 samples LAME -V5 peaks preserved (looped, dithered, 16-bit).wav
FILE   90000 samples LAME -V5 peaks truncated (looped, dithered, 16-bit).wav
FILE   90000 samples Lossless (looped, dithered, 16-bit).wav

FOLDER   a 7 sec. clip from source track, cymbal crash at 3.5 s\

FILE   LAME -V5 decoded to 16-bit int (peaks truncated), adjusted -5dB, dithered, 16-bit.flac
FILE   LAME -V5 decoded to 32-bit float (peaks preserved), adjusted -5dB, dithered, 16-bit.flac
FILE   Lossless, adjusted -5dB, dithered, 16-bit.flac

Some loud samples

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"I Lead You Towards Glorious Times" - now i get it.. that's the NOISE music genre, which is now taking over metal:( - actually..every music genre has been merged into the NOISE GENRE.


also.. i'd like to add that in comparison to this: metallica's death magnetic was flawless in terms of audio quality

Some loud samples

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So far "I Lead You Towards Glorious Times (live)" has been the loudest commercially released music track that I have seen. It is pretty close to white noise (not all Merzbow tracks are this extreme). The FLAC -8 bitrate of the sample is 1397 kbps.

Here's the screenshot that I posted in the linked thread:

The encoding settings
FLAC: -8
M4A: QT --tvbr 62 --highest
MP4: Nero -q 0.41
MP3: Lame -V5

It is also interesting to see the peak values of the lossy encodings of it. LAME produces a peak value of 2.73. Apparently the VBR encoders don't even try to achieve a more transparent result by radically increasing the bitrate. Perhaps some kind of sanity check kicks in.