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[CUI]foobar scripts?
Hey guys. As you can see, I'm a complete newbie here. If I'm posting this in the wrong place feel free to flame me.

Anyways: I've got this as part of my 'Item Details' panel in Columns UI:

$set_font(Segoe UI,12,)

The problem is, when the playback is STOPPED, the 'playback time' field becomes a question mark.

Now, my question: How can I make the line appear only when the item is actually playing?

Is it possible?

Here's the whole thing, by the way. It's pretty basic.

$set_font(Segoe UI,12,)$crlf()[$rgb(200,60,0)Song:$rgb(0,0,0) $set_font(Tahoma,10,)%title%]

$set_font(Segoe UI,12,)$crlf()[$rgb(0,200,0)Album: $rgb(0,0,0)$set_font(Tahoma,10,)%album%]

$set_font(Segoe UI,12,)$crlf()[$rgb(0,12,223)Artist: $rgb(0,0,0)$set_font(Tahoma,10,)%artist%]

$set_font(Segoe UI,12,)

So, if anyone could help me, that would be great. Thanks!

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[CUI]foobar scripts?
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Use [ ] to only display if it's a value.
It's also documented in the Title Format Help.

And this section is used for dev help.
Windows 10 Pro x64 // foobar2000 1.3.10