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Convert FLAC tracks to single file MP3?
I'm looking for a way to convert FLAC tracks + .CUE to a single file MP3 + .CUE. The reason being is I like ripping CD's as FLAC tracks as they playback gapless. When I convert my FLAC's to MP3 320's for playback in my vehicle however, they play with a large gap between tracks. In theory this is possible, I'm just not sure if there is a tool out there to do so?

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Convert FLAC tracks to single file MP3?
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CUETools (requires Microsoft .NET Framework) will convert file-per-track (with/without CUE) to file-per-album with CUE and can convert to MP3 (e.g LAME) at the same time (among numerous other formats, and it can also verify against AccurateRip and check tags against online databases). Sadly, vehicle MP3 players don't support CUE sheets to the best of my knowledge, but at least gapless albums play properly as a file-per-album MP3.
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