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Zao, thanks for great plugin!
And I have a question:
Can I change the location of the file wavecache.db?

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marc2003, thanks, but mklink is not what i wanted.

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*shakes a fist at mutt that forgot to tell me about new mail in =hydrogenaudio*

For now and the foreseeable future, there can only be exactly one wavecache.db, and it happens that the place where I care about looking is the profile directory, until I can be bothered adding some sort of configuration for it.

If you want it somewhere else, the best you can do from the outside is link it in from somewhere else with mklink as marc mentioned. If that workaround doesn't solve your problem, please tell me why. Are you looking for multiple wavecache.db files? Do you lack permissions to do so? Are you working on a filesystem that doesn't have symlinks? Are you moving across machines?
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Hey guys, i really love that plugin and I used it for years now.
However i needed to resetup my PC and foobar. I am running foobar 1.2.9 and after installing the waveform foobar crashes at startup.  After removing the seekbar in the safe-mode everything runs fine. Is there a way to get the waveform working in foobar 1.2.9 or do I have do downgrade?

Here is the crash report of fb2k:

Code: [Select]
Illegal operation:
Code: E06D7363h, flags: 00000001h, address: 7B83AE0Bh
Additional parameters: 19930520h 0033EF08h 0185BBF8h
Last win32 error: 120

Call path:

Code bytes (7B83AE0Bh):
7B83ADCBh:  C7 45 10 0F 00 00 00 8B 45 10 89 45 B8 8B 45 10
7B83ADDBh:  C1 E0 02 89 44 24 08 8B 45 14 89 44 24 04 8D 45
7B83ADEBh:  A8 83 C0 14 89 04 24 E8 D9 3B FE FF EB 07 C7 45
7B83ADFBh:  B8 00 00 00 00 8D 45 A8 89 04 24 E8 39 B6 FE FF
7B83AE0Bh:  83 EC 04 8B 5D FC C9 C2 10 00 55 89 E5 57 56 53
7B83AE1Bh:  83 EC 3C E8 CD 41 FE FF 81 C3 DD 51 07 00 8B 45
7B83AE2Bh:  08 8B 00 89 45 E4 8B 45 E4 8B 00 3D 1D 00 00 C0
7B83AE3Bh:  0F 84 23 01 00 00 3D 1D 00 00 C0 77 5E 3D 10 01

Stack (0033EE50h):
0033EE30h:  7BCC8000 00000003 0033EEB4 7BC7F6CC
0033EE40h:  00000001 FFFFFFA4 7B83AE0B 0033EE5C
0033EE50h:  0033EEE8 0000000C 00000000 E06D7363
0033EE60h:  00000001 00000000 7B83AE0B 00000003
0033EE70h:  19930520 0033EF08 0185BBF8 B7692AF5
0033EE80h:  00000000 7BA42894 7B890A29 7B8909B4
0033EE90h:  0033EED0 0033EEB0 0178EC02 00000040
0033EEA0h:  001F0002 0033EEEC 0033EED0 00000038
0033EEB0h:  00000000 0033EEF4 017AFA77 E06D7363
0033EEC0h:  00000001 00000003 0033EEE8 00152240
0033EED0h:  00000000 E06D7363 00000001 00000000
0033EEE0h:  00000000 00000003 19930520 0033EF08
0033EEF0h:  0185BBF8 0033EF1C 017CEB92 0033EF08
0033EF00h:  0185BBF8 00000000 017E383C 00000000
0033EF10h:  0033EF00 80070078 FFFFFFFF 0033EFB0
0033EF20h:  017A0DBE A88B909E 0033F048 00000000
0033EF30h:  0033F054 00000000 0033F048 00000000
0033EF40h:  0033EF60 0178EBDF 00110000 00000002
0033EF50h:  00000210 0033F048 00000000 80000000
0033EF60h:  0033EF7C 0178EC02 00152240 017A2CEC

EAX: 7B826449, EBX: 7B8B0000, ECX: 00000000, EDX: 0185BBF8
ESI: 0185BBF8, EDI: 0033EF08, EBP: 0033EEB4, ESP: 0033EE50

Crash location:
Module: kernel32
Offset: 2AE0Bh

Loaded modules:
foo_fileops   loaded at 01D30000h - 01D7A000h
foo_cdda loaded at 01BD0000h - 01C1F000h
foo_rgscan   loaded at 01A70000h - 01ABC000h
msimg32   loaded at B7490000h - B74A0000h
foo_ui_std   loaded at 01870000h - 01959000h
msvcr120 loaded at 01780000h - 0186C000h
msvcp120 loaded at 016F0000h - 01775000h
foo_wave_seekbar loaded at 014A0000h - 016E4000h
foo_albumlist loaded at 01330000h - 0138C000h
foo_dsp_eq   loaded at 011E0000h - 01216000h
avutil-fb2k-52   loaded at 635C0000h - 635F9000h
avcodec-fb2k-54   loaded at 6F080000h - 6F322000h
foo_input_std loaded at 00F50000h - 010C2000h
foo_dsp_std   loaded at 00E00000h - 00E36000h
foo_unpack   loaded at 003D0000h - 003FF000h
foo_converter loaded at 00B60000h - 00BDF000h
foo_freedb2   loaded at 00A00000h - 00A4E000h
imm32 loaded at 7D8B0000h - 7D8D1000h
winex11   loaded at 7DA70000h - 7DB14000h
winhttp   loaded at 7DBE0000h - 7DC1B000h
oleaut32 loaded at 7DC30000h - 7DD60000h
gdiplus   loaded at 7DD70000h - 7DDE4000h
ws2_32   loaded at 7DDF0000h - 7DE18000h
iphlpapi loaded at 7DE20000h - 7DE3D000h
netapi32 loaded at 7DE40000h - 7DE6C000h
secur32   loaded at 7DE70000h - 7DEA1000h
crypt32   loaded at 7DEB0000h - 7DF77000h
winspool loaded at 7DF80000h - 7DFB8000h
comdlg32 loaded at 7DFC0000h - 7E0A6000h
psapi loaded at 7E0B0000h - 7E0BA000h
dbghelp   loaded at 7E0C0000h - 7E12A000h
imagehlp loaded at 7E130000h - 7E145000h
shared   loaded at 10000000h - 1002B000h
msvcrt   loaded at 7E160000h - 7E1E7000h
zlib1 loaded at 62E80000h - 62E9F000h
shell32   loaded at 7E220000h - 7E44B000h
uxtheme   loaded at 7E450000h - 7E482000h
shlwapi   loaded at 7E490000h - 7E4F8000h
msacm32   loaded at 7E500000h - 7E524000h
rpcrt4   loaded at 7E530000h - 7E5AE000h
ole32 loaded at 7E5C0000h - 7E710000h
winmm loaded at 7E720000h - 7E7C6000h
dsound   loaded at 7E7D0000h - 7E813000h
version   loaded at 7E820000h - 7E82E000h
advapi32 loaded at 7E840000h - 7E8A0000h
gdi32 loaded at 7E8B0000h - 7E981000h
user32   loaded at 7E990000h - 7EAF1000h
comctl32 loaded at 7EB00000h - 7EC10000h
kernel32 loaded at 7B810000h - 7BA44000h
ntdll loaded at 7BC10000h - 7BCE4000h
foobar2000   loaded at 00400000h - 005BF000h

Stack dump analysis:
Address: 7B83AE0Bh (kernel32+2AE0Bh)
Address: 0185BBF8h (msvcr120+DBBF8h)
Address: B7692AF5h (, symbol: "wine_dbg_log" (+6Ah)
Address: 7BA42894h (kernel32+232894h)
Address: 7B890A29h (kernel32+80A29h)
Address: 7B8909B4h (kernel32+809B4h)
Address: 0178EC02h (msvcr120+EC02h)
Address: 017AFA77h (msvcr120+2FA77h)
Address: 0185BBF8h (msvcr120+DBBF8h)
Address: 017CEB92h (msvcr120+4EB92h)
Address: 0185BBF8h (msvcr120+DBBF8h)
Address: 017E383Ch (msvcr120+6383Ch)
Address: 017A0DBEh (msvcr120+20DBEh)
Address: 0178EBDFh (msvcr120+EBDFh)
Address: 0178EC02h (msvcr120+EC02h)
Address: 017A2CECh (msvcr120+22CECh)
Address: 017A0A3Eh (msvcr120+20A3Eh)
Address: 017A276Ah (msvcr120+2276Ah)
Address: 017A2785h (msvcr120+22785h)
Address: 0185A83Eh (msvcr120+DA83Eh)
Address: 017A27DEh (msvcr120+227DEh)
Address: 0185DEE8h (msvcr120+DDEE8h)
Address: 0185A898h (msvcr120+DA898h)
Address: 0179FC80h (msvcr120+1FC80h)
Address: 0179F8DEh (msvcr120+1F8DEh)
Address: 0179F930h (msvcr120+1F930h)
Address: 7B87B3D8h (kernel32+6B3D8h), symbol: "GetCurrentThreadId" (+0h)
Address: 7BCC8000h (ntdll+B8000h)
Address: 017EB645h (msvcr120+6B645h)
Address: 0171EDFBh (msvcp120+2EDFBh)
Address: 0171EFDAh (msvcp120+2EFDAh)
Address: 0171F257h (msvcp120+2F257h)
Address: 0171F13Dh (msvcp120+2F13Dh)
Address: 0172EF1Ch (msvcp120+3EF1Ch)
Address: 01530854h (foo_wave_seekbar+90854h)
Address: 016F1E64h (msvcp120+1E64h)
Address: 011EB770h (foo_dsp_eq+B770h)
Address: 016B4600h (foo_wave_seekbar+214600h)
Address: 016B468Ch (foo_wave_seekbar+21468Ch)
Address: 016B468Ch (foo_wave_seekbar+21468Ch)
Address: 016B468Ch (foo_wave_seekbar+21468Ch)
Address: 016B468Ch (foo_wave_seekbar+21468Ch)
Address: 01657A8Bh (foo_wave_seekbar+1B7A8Bh)
Address: 01530AF7h (foo_wave_seekbar+90AF7h)
Address: 0042883Ah (foobar2000+2883Ah)
Address: 10002884h (shared+2884h)
Address: 016B468Ch (foo_wave_seekbar+21468Ch)
Address: 0051A470h (foobar2000+11A470h)
Address: 00426FDFh (foobar2000+26FDFh)
Address: 7EC438A8h (, symbol: "_nss_compat_getgrnam_r" (+38h)
Address: 01D360CCh (foo_fileops+60CCh)
Address: 7D52C33Bh (
Address: 7DB382F3h (, symbol: "FT_Get_Glyph_Name" (+63h)
Address: 7DCA935Bh (oleaut32+7935Bh)
Address: 7E9CB663h (user32+3B663h), symbol: "EndDialog" (+45h)
Address: 00A4CBF3h (foo_freedb2+4CBF3h)
Address: 010BB83Ah (foo_input_std+16B83Ah)
Address: 7EA8A000h (user32+FA000h)
Address: 7E9A8AD8h (user32+18AD8h), symbol: "RegisterClassW" (+84h)
Address: 7E9B5B0Bh (user32+25B0Bh), symbol: "LoadCursorW" (+A3h)
Address: 0056F29Ch (foobar2000+16F29Ch)
Address: 0053E228h (foobar2000+13E228h)
Address: 0053DA3Ch (foobar2000+13DA3Ch)
Address: 005731C8h (foobar2000+1731C8h)
Address: 01937608h (foo_ui_std+C7608h)
Address: 00525157h (foobar2000+125157h)
Address: 00459AA4h (foobar2000+59AA4h)
Address: 7B8B0000h (kernel32+A0000h)
Address: 00538FC0h (foobar2000+138FC0h)
Address: 7BCC8000h (ntdll+B8000h)
Address: 7BCC8000h (ntdll+B8000h)
Address: 0053E228h (foobar2000+13E228h)
Address: 0053E228h (foobar2000+13E228h)
Address: 7BC33F8Bh (ntdll+23F8Bh)
Address: 7BC33FA9h (ntdll+23FA9h)
Address: 0050D9DBh (foobar2000+10D9DBh)
Address: 0050AD50h (foobar2000+10AD50h)
Address: 0050D9DBh (foobar2000+10D9DBh)
Address: 0050B545h (foobar2000+10B545h)
Address: 10002836h (shared+2836h)
Address: 0053E4E4h (foobar2000+13E4E4h)
Address: 005265E2h (foobar2000+1265E2h)
Address: 00459F37h (foobar2000+59F37h)
Address: 00400000h (foobar2000+0h)
Address: 7B8B0000h (kernel32+A0000h)
Address: 0050C800h (foobar2000+10C800h)
Address: 00572490h (foobar2000+172490h)
Address: 0050A6F6h (foobar2000+10A6F6h)
Address: 00506586h (foobar2000+106586h)
Address: 00506580h (foobar2000+106580h)
Address: 0052FA4Ch (foobar2000+12FA4Ch)
Address: 0052FA50h (foobar2000+12FA50h)
Address: 7B8B0000h (kernel32+A0000h)
Address: 0052CB21h (foobar2000+12CB21h)
Address: 0050AD50h (foobar2000+10AD50h)
Address: 00506580h (foobar2000+106580h)
Address: 0052681Dh (foobar2000+12681Dh)
Address: 005084DDh (foobar2000+1084DDh)
Address: 00400000h (foobar2000+0h)
Address: 7B8B0000h (kernel32+A0000h)
Address: 0050AD50h (foobar2000+10AD50h)
Address: 7B8621C8h (kernel32+521C8h), symbol: "call_process_entry" (+Ch)

App: foobar2000 v1.2.9

Core (2013-07-10 12:45:36 UTC)
foobar2000 core 1.2.9
foo_albumlist.dll (2013-02-11 11:28:58 UTC)
Album List 4.5
foo_cdda.dll (2013-03-07 09:48:32 UTC)
CD Audio Decoder 3.0
foo_converter.dll (2013-07-10 12:25:32 UTC)
Converter 1.5
foo_dsp_eq.dll (2013-02-11 11:28:58 UTC)
Equalizer 1.0
foo_dsp_std.dll (2013-07-10 12:25:50 UTC)
Standard DSP Array 1.3
foo_fileops.dll (2013-02-11 11:28:10 UTC)
File Operations 2.2
foo_freedb2.dll (2013-02-11 11:27:56 UTC)
Online Tagger 0.7
foo_input_std.dll (2013-07-10 12:45:38 UTC)
Standard Input Array 1.0
foo_rgscan.dll (2013-07-10 12:25:36 UTC)
ReplayGain Scanner 2.2
foo_ui_std.dll (2013-07-10 12:45:36 UTC)
Default User Interface 0.9.5
foo_unpack.dll (2013-02-11 11:28:10 UTC)
ZIP/GZIP/RAR Reader 1.6
foo_wave_seekbar.dll (2013-10-04 12:01:41 UTC)
Waveform seekbar 0.2.40

Machine specifications:
OS: wine-1.4.1, on: Linux / 3.8.0-31-generic
CPU: AMD Athlon™ Dual Core Processor 5050e, features: 3DNow!ex MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3
Audio: default; HDA NVidia - HDMI 0; HDA NVidia - ALC1200 Analog; Xonar DGX - Digital; HDA NVidia - ALC1200 Digital
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Malstroemchen: It would have helped if you had mentioned that you were using Wine in the main body of the post, it would have saved me a few brain cycles.

As mentioned earlier in the thread, wine lacks some of the OS functions that the runtime of VC++ 2012 and 2013 requires for threading primitives. This means that until the Wine folks manages to implement those properly, none of the more recent foo_wave_seekbar versions will run on Wine.
It'd be nice if it could be made to work, but I've got better things to do than to fight the bureaucracy. The fixes needed for the threading bits are trivial, but pretty much impossible to get upstream into a project driven by fear of reverse-engineering and source leaks.

Your issue may of course be some other one than this one, but as it's fundamentally broken, I see very little point in investigating all the ancillary ways it could fail.
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Reply #1556
First: Sorry, that i didnt mentioned the usage of wine in the beginning Zao.
I just was wondering, why it doesnt work anymore because my Netbook runs fine with fbk and ur waveform seekbar.

So i try to copy configs and versions aof wine and foobar from my netbook. Thanks anyway - its a great extension

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Reply #1557
Registered just to say, thanks for putting in the effort and making this component. I really like it!

  • EpicForever
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Hello, I just wanted to report that after installing latest stable Catalyst suite (packages v. 13.9) foobar doesn't crashes under Windows 8.1 Preview x64, when computer goes out from hibernation/sleep, even when waveseekbar is enabled and foobar plays music while PC is put into hibernation.
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  • Zao
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That's lovely, particularly as I don't have any machine running anything newer than 7, and can't install any either.
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  • banderlog
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Reply #1560
Hello. I'm trying to fine version of foo_wave_seekbar older than 0.2.35, but I can't. Can you please help me?

  • marc2003
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  • Zao
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Reply #1562
banderlog: Can you please tell me why you think you need an older version of the component? The problem may be possible to solve in some other way than downgrading, and if not, at least I'm aware of the impact the problem has.
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To, early in the morning, use a chisel to build a bathtub makes impatient people hot-tempered.

  • dniwe
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Reply #1563
how to disable the saving wavecache.db ?

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Reply #1564
It is not possible in any released version to avoid the use of the wavecache.db file.
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To, early in the morning, use a chisel to build a bathtub makes impatient people hot-tempered.

  • foomark
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Reply #1565
Long time user of this beautiful component, thank you for developing it!
I don't have any problem with it, but i have a suggestion for future improvement, of course if you do like the idea.
It would be nice to have an option to visualize a small box that display the time where your mouse pointer is.
It's something i've seen in the spectrogram seekbar and it's quite useful.

  • Zao
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Reply #1566
The tooltip is there when you click-hold to seek. You can do that and abort the seek by moving your cursor far enough from the component and releasing.
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To, early in the morning, use a chisel to build a bathtub makes impatient people hot-tempered.

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Reply #1567
Wow, i'm using this component for years and i never noticed it, sorry
Thank you for the tip!

Reply #1568
Hello my dear friends!!
im trying to find a way to set a different location for the db file!!

I read about your suggestions but I am a noob and I cant program!
is there any very very very easy way for noobs to set a different location of the db file?

thanks you very very much!!

kind regards!

  • EpicForever
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Zao, I have a small request - could we have an option to save all settings of waveform seekbar to separate .cfg file (or wehatever .xxx file)? By all settings I mean really all settings: DX shader code, chosen colors, chosen setting for displaying channels (which are used and if downmix is selected) as well as those miscellaneous options like shading played, disabling window border and mirror display. It will ease sharing settings between computers. Now I can for example share whole my foobar config with others, but this means also my Library settings, output settings, columns etc, and those vary between computers. Additionally when I had to temporarily remove your component from my config (when I got crashes under Win 8.1) then all my waveform config was lost. It would be much easier to restore it from some .cfg file.

  • marc2003
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Reply #1570
^if you're using default UI, enable layout editing mode and right click the panel>copy. paste into windows explorer and you'll have an .fth file which you can then copy/paste into any new layout, retaining all the panel specific settings.

@Firestarter001, first close foobar and then move the wavecache.db file to your desired location.

click start>programs>accesories> right click command prompt and run as administrator

if you have foobar installed in normal mode, type something like

Code: [Select]
mklink %appdata%\foobar2000\wavecache.db "e:\my new folder\wavecache.db"

if you have foobar in portable mode then the first part needs to be the full path to your foobar folder. eg...

Code: [Select]
mklink "c:\my apps\foobar2000\wavecache.db" "e:\my new folder\wavecache.db"

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  • EpicForever
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Reply #1571
marc, you mean that I can create FTH file, that contains only a portion of foobar config, and if I double click on it, it will insert to any existing foobar config, only description of waveform seekbar settings?

  • marc2003
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Reply #1572
yes to the first part but don't double click it as that would import only that panel, replacing the entire layout. you can right click>copy the .fth file from explorer and then paste over an existing panel or into a blank space on a new layout. obviously the component already has to be present on the new install.

you can use this same method to backup any section of a foobar layout without exporting the whole thing. anything you can right click>copy in layout editing mode is good be it a single panel or entire tabs/splitters full of panels.

  • EpicForever
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Reply #1573
Hmmm... Sems it to be tricky. For example to properly instruct someone how to make it, without being right next to that person.
So, OK, I appreciate your instructions marc and I want to thank you for this solution, but I still prefer special rightclick option under "Configure" - called for example "Export" and the other one "Import". Similar to how it is done in foo_musical_spectrum, which has "Settings" button on its config dialog, where there are options to import and export .cfg files.

  • marc2003
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Reply #1574
for the other person to import the settings, the must already have a seekbar in their layout?  if that is the case, right click>copy the .fth file in explorer, enable layout editing mode, right click their existing seekbar and select paste.

or is that too much effort? 

i tell you what is a lot of effort and that would be making an import/export dialog to do this. if Zao does this at your request i'll be ****ing amazed. 
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