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Re: foobar2000 for Mac OS X [moderation—404, outdated, etc.; see post 119]

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If anyone is interested, it works well in CrossOver

Well, I've just tried that today because with Wine I had a problem with scanning my Music Folders (it was scanning but not the full library). But I have the exact same problem with CrossOver... it seems like each folder is limited to 40 subfolders to be scanned.. weird. I have a very large music library (around 1Tb on an external HD)...

fb2k version is 1.3.6, I'm trying 1.3.7 and an old one, just in case. EDIT: It didn't work.
I have been searching for an answer as to why this happens or some type of fix. I have all music in subdirectories by artist sorted by letter (an A folder, B, C, etc.) and some of them have quite a few artists. Any that have more than 40 experience the exact same issue you've described, at most i think I have 51 of 118 artist directories in the 'C' folder under 'Music' showing in the library. It loads the first 51 subdirectories and everything after that is missing. This is apparent when browsing for a folder to monitor: the browser also has this limitation, not just when you add the directory and view your library. It is very frustrating and doesn't seem to have to do with any setting since there is no consistent 'cut-off' that I have observed. There are probably very few people in the universe dealing with this issue, but hopefully someone can weigh-in. I have also tried this with both Wineskin AND Crossover with the exact same results. Music is located on an external NTFS drive. Any help is appreciated
Upon further investigation, this limitation also applies when I try to add a directory for monitoring in MediaMonkey under Crossover. It just cuts off after a certain artist subdirectory folder, which means this has nothing to do with foobar2000 and is some sort of limitation with crossover/wine/mac osx

Re: foobar2000 for Mac OS X [moderation—404, outdated, etc.; see post 119]

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I've experienced this as well with foobar2000 running under wineskin when trying to scan a network drive location (FLACS).
BUT I think scanning the same structure of folders on my local hard drive (MP3s) works fine.

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