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FLAC ReplayGain tag value conversion
If I understand correctly, the Album Gain values are directly related to the Track Gain values.  I want to be able to convert my wrongly written Track Gain tags in my FLAC files (ripped by EAC) to Album Gain.  Shouldn't there be a way to convert the tags of a set of already Track Gained FLAC files to Album Gain without recalculating the Gain values?  This would most definately speed up the process significantly.  If there is any way to do this, it would be most helpful to me.  Thanks
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FLAC ReplayGain tag value conversion
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I think that this could be possible, but I don't know a program that will do it for you

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FLAC ReplayGain tag value conversion
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I asked the question in this thread HERE

Basically the conclusion was that you can't as EricS tried it.

Oh well, could have been a cool feature but you can just use metaflac to calculate it all again though, doesn't take to long!


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