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Some computer hardware related questions
Here are my questions:

1. What will happen if motherboard touches the cabinet's
that side metal where mounting holes are located with
out that yellow-gold colored heads & screws.

2. What is the difference between Intel's Dual Core & Core
2 Duo Processors?

3. Will it harm my computer if I plug in a CAT5 cable
(RJ-45 Jack)into my computer while it is running.

4. If I plug in a one end of a cat5 (RJ-45 Jack)cable into
my computer & leave the other end of the cable unplugged,
Will the red cross disappear from my network adapters icon
(in win2000, winxp or vista)

Some computer hardware related questions
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I think you are confused about why hydrogenaudio is here.  We are not here to help you with general computer problems.  There are plenty of support forums for that type of help.  hydrogenaudio is here to help people with all things audio.  There are some instances when people ask technical questions about their computers and some people will help.  Just know that hydrogenaudio is not here to provide tech support for your computer.  Additionally, you can find the answers to all of your questions by conducting a 1 minute Google search or by simply trying out what you want to do.

1.  Don't know.
2.  There are plenty of differences between the two processor lines.  There are even differences within each processor line.  It all depends on the models you are looking at.
3.  No.
4.  Try it out for yourself.  I haven't messed with CAT5 cables in about 3 years all thanks to wi-fi.
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