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Really nice for 4.60.1
 So happy to see Wavpack has updated again. 

Initially, I thought it just a little changed in this version.  But when I tried to encode my WV files again(unpack old WV files to Wav by Wvunpack, then used new Wavpack to encode the Wav by Foobar2000), wow, It seems changed the quality of the sound!

Am I dreaming? lol.

I also compared APE and WV, wow, that's really different!  Did I miss something before or the new version changed the sound quality?

Looking for Bryant reply.  Wavpack 4.60.1, good job!

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Really nice for 4.60.1
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Yes.  You are dreaming.

Lossless is lossless. Wavpack 4.5 is lossless, APE is lossless, Wavpack 4.6 is lossless.

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