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ogg vorbis encoding from wav on the fly
TIA for any help!

I've spent the last few days trying to generate an ogg vorbis audio file on the fly from a WAV file stream.

As the program I'm trying to create is cross-platform (Mac and Windows), I'm having to do C programming (which I've not done much of before - but is not too taxing) and using cross-platform libraries as much as possible (hence why I'm not doing this in Mac Core Audio).

However, the program has to take in a WAV stream, record it and upload the file to a server at the end of the session.

I'm totally stuck on the ogg vorbis docs - and I'm on a Mac (although I am using gcc so it's not totally non-linux). I'm totally confused.

Who do I ask for help? Where do I turn?  Which forums/groups would be best to ask this in?


PS I've downloaded libvorbis libfishsound and tried to get them all working. Currently, I can create an ogg vorbis file and headers etc, but not get the wav audio converted/compressed correctly. No idea why.