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Lossy compression damaging hearing?

A very interesting article.  Too much to copy and paste, so just read it at the link, I'll put some here...

Possible consequences of intensive consumption of datareduced audio material could therefore include ear noises (tinitus), a general degradation of the perception of quiet sounds, as well as a worsened timbre perception  (a so-called "tin ear"), which would make the human of the cyberage even more insensitive than he already yet has become by the continuous mass media infotrash bombardment he is exposed to. Some listeners of MP3 music e.g. report to realize, that after longer listening of MP3 they start to perceive its typical sound flaws (so-called artifacts) also in unreduced musics, which suggests that MP3 maladjusts the hearing in a way that datareduced and unreduced sounds start to sound the same way wrongly while the hearing unlearns to recognize the difference. Actually it is still unclear whether the consequences of such maladjustments are only temporary (similarly like seeing the world discoloured in green/ red after taking off red/ green 3D glasses) or if the continuous consumption of neuroacoustically datareduced sounds can lead to long lasting or even permanent damage.
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Lossy compression damaging hearing?
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Lossy compression damaging hearing?
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This has been already topic of this thread.
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Lossy compression damaging hearing?
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Lossy compression damaging hearing?
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