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rear channel distortions
I have to admit I'm impressed with having encoded my own CDs and playing them back thru my existing home audio system.  With a bit of ABX comparison, I have settled with EAC and OGG Q=6, but have to admit I am confused with some types of music, and how the sound manifests via my surround amp and what comes out of the rear channels.

First, my system ... and there's admittedly much room for change .. an IBM Thinkpad with it's audio headphone-out going to my surround amp's input.

Second, what I am impressed with ... quite a bit of stuff really, jazz vocal like Joni Mitchell, can be ABX'd pretty close to my CD player.

What I'm not impressed with:  I can sometimes come across a CD, like Philip Glass' "Solo Piano", and it can easily be ABX'd relative to the CD player ... and if it's anything specific, it seems to be distorted rear channel noise (it not making any difference if I've chosen Dolby surround, or the amp's own ambience modes).  Trying another encoder, or encoder setting does not seem to have an affect, 'cept the side-effect can be less, but still present.

The mystery is how good some music is, and how bad other music is.  Is this problem likely to be: (1) the built-in audio (2) the fact I'm using headphone output, and/or (3) remedied by an upgrade to Turtlebeach or M-Audio???

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