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Optimized vorbis encoder for Linux (SSE instructions)
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That's great 
Thank you very much.

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Optimized vorbis encoder for Linux (SSE instructions)
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I was listening to some songs which go into another, and to my surprise gapless playback was not gapless. I found that about 0,03 s silence was added to the end of the song, whereas in the following song for about the same lenght the right channel was missing.
Could this be fixed?

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Optimized vorbis encoder for Linux (SSE instructions)
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Hi I just tried your build and it works perfectly. Thx for your work The_Sven! (btw it's amazing to think that all this is possible thanks to you and BlackSword and Aoyumi and Xiph!)

But doing my tests some weird things happened and I have some questions.
I wanted to test Lancer SSE3MT optimizations so I went get the files on BlackSword's website. I didn't pay attention to the fact the oggenc file I got had .exe as extension and I just replaced /usr/bin/oggenc with this one and tried. And it worked! And I also remarked a sensible speed-up (about 20% better) compared to the simple SSE optimization.
Then I realized what I did and I don't understand why it worked. I checked the properties of the file /usr/bin/oggenc and the type was indeed DOS/Windows executable (application/x-ms-dos-executable).

So I'm wondering how was it possible to work? I thought maybe because of Wine but I didn't ask in the terminal to run this program via Wine, or maybe would it be possible my system (I'm using Ubuntu 11.04) recognized type of the program and run it via Wine?
Also is there some cons / known problems for using thus the .exe in my Linux system?
Anyway I think I'm gonna use the version compiled by The_Sven but I'm curious about this strange thing "using a Windows program under Linux working so good I could have never suspected there was something wrong".

Optimized vorbis encoder for Linux (SSE instructions)
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Are the latest aoTuV available to compile? Regards.