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Problem samples for MP3

Ringing on all acoustic tracks sometimes up to V0 (angels is the worse). Preecho on jane doe upto V1. Distorted vocal [rita] @ 2 secs and big one @ 6 secs
wavpack hybrid 256k -hx4

Problem samples for MP3

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Thanks for your samples, shadowking.

I'm most afraid of distortions in vocals, so I tried rita.
At -V5 I could easily ABX the problem.
As I usually encode using -V0 or -V1.5 (together with --lowpass 16.7) I encoded with these settings.
Results were fine to me.
Did you encounter the rita problems with higher settings?

What were the problems for -V0? (I tried angels using -V0 - can you give a hint for the critical spot
in case there were problems with angel at -V0).
lame3995o -Q1.7 --lowpass 17

Problem samples for MP3

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Thanks for testing.

With rita, i tested V1 -Y last week . I initially got confused but after longer pauses i could abx.
With angels the 1st "twang"  is the most distorted. Its a 'ghosting' or tremolo of the note . With the volume slightly raised i hear it in normal listening @ V0.
wavpack hybrid 256k -hx4

Problem samples for MP3

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I tried again using -V1.5 --lowpass 16.7, but didn't succeed.
Probably I didn't try hard enough or my hearing isn't good enough, and with angel I unfortunately didn't hear something that sounded like a 'twang' to me.

Anyway I also experienced issues with mp3 other than the well-known pre-echo ones even at a HQ setting like -V0 or similar.
Luckily so far these issues have always been subtle to me when using HQ settings, and I'm glad this doesn't change with your samples.
lame3995o -Q1.7 --lowpass 17

Problem samples for MP3

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With -V0 being pretty strong with 3.98 I have always wondered whether there is quality improvement when going up to --abr 285 -h (or similar) or -b 320 for those problems where -V0 isn't perfect.

If you have the time, shadowking, would you mind trying extremely high quality settings like those I mentioned on your sample?
lame3995o -Q1.7 --lowpass 17

Problem samples for MP3

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I noticed some nice progress with lame 3100 alpha2 on 01-Rita...

The vocal dropout is much more subtle . I would say V4 is not annoying and V3 needed concentration to abx and would go unnoticed in normal listening.

Just to be sure I went back to 3.99 / 3.98 and V4 was much more obvious.
wavpack hybrid 256k -hx4

Problem samples for MP3

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Thanks for the info.
There's been experience before that 3.100a2 yields certain improvement over 3.99, and any further experience (be it good or bad) is very welcome.
lame3995o -Q1.7 --lowpass 17

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