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Calling wavpackdll.dll from VB
I have created a simple audio program with Visual basic 6 and would like to include Wavpack support, specifically the decoding functions. I keep getting a “Bad dll calling convention” error when I try to call the WavpackOpenFileInput function.

VB Declare statement
Code: [Select]
Private Declare Function WavpackOpenFileInput Lib "wavpackdll.dll" ( _
                     ByVal infilename As String, _
                     ByVal error As String, _
                     ByVal Flags As Long, _
                     ByVal norm_offset As Long) As Long

Calling fuinction
Code: [Select]
Public Function WaveUnpack(WavPackFileSpec As String) As Boolean

Dim WavpackContext   As Long
Dim ErrorString      As String
Dim Flags1           As Long
Dim norm_offset      As Long

Flags1 = 0
norm_offset = 0
ErrorString = Space(80)

WavpackContext = WavpackOpenFileInput(WavPackFileSpec, ErrorString, Flags1, norm_offset)

End Function

Any help please

Microsoft Visual Basisc 6.0 (SP6)
Microsoft XP SP2

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Calling wavpackdll.dll from VB
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I have no idea how exactly to call from VB, but it seems like the string parameters would be by reference rather than by value, unless VB always passes strings by value.

Another thing is that perhaps the name has some decoration, like _WavpackOpenFileInput. Again, I have no VB experience.

Hopefully someone who does can take a look here and see an obvious problem... 


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Calling wavpackdll.dll from VB
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I assume it's because VB can call only functions using stdcall calling convention. The WavPack library apparently uses C-calling convention (cdecl).
See for workarounds.
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