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guide for cuetools 2.0.3?
I tried to use cutetools for splitting a large flac.
However, there're so many options and settings...
gap appended or gap appended HTOA ??
Do you have any guide or manual for cuetools 2.0.3 ?
or post explaining each settings...

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guide for cuetools 2.0.3?
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I suppouse you are trying to split a .flac file according a .cue file.
I do it (in Linux) using cuebreakpoints (from cuetools), shnsplit (from shntool) and metaflac (from flac).
Code: [Select]
cuebreakpoints file.cue | shnsplit -o flac -f file.cue -t "%n - %t" file.flac

Cuebreakpoints reports the track  breakpoints  found  in the CUE file. The breakpoints are in a format usable by shnsplit (part of the shntool package). The output is send to shnsplit, as its input.
Shnsplit splits the file. -o specifies the output file extension and encoder to use. -f specifies the file from which to take the split points (I'm not sure if it is absolutely necessary since cuebreakpoints already did that work. I don't have flac+cue to try this). -t names the output files using the format you choose %n means track number and %t means track title.
This works  for me. However, may be better ways to do this work, so anyone who knows it, please enlighten me.