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Best Way to Report Inconsistencies or Bad Links

Since I am reading through the FAQs and the WIKI, what is the most efficient way of reporting inconsistencies or bad links.  I recently found a LAME page that had a bad link (was sent there by the FAQs page) that was also inconsitent with the WIKI (I believe that the Wiki suggests a newer version release for LAME). 

I can only imagine the level of time that is required in maintaining consistency within in these two areas of your site.  I PM'd the OP and the more recent "editor" of the post with my finds.

Best Way to Report Inconsistencies or Bad Links

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I was researching the differences between MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 along with what the differences in the layers 1, 2 and 3 were.  The WIKI has a link to information were the link is broken
  with bad link  to
  with bad link to

When I got to TNT.uni-hannover, I attempted to find where they put the information, but my limited vocabulary for alternatives to MPEG, MPEG-1, or MPEG 1, yielded nothing.  I also looked under the Audio Processing area with no luck.

Best Way to Report Inconsistencies or Bad Links

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The home page of the Moving Picture Experts Group  has a link to the FAQs:

Regarding reporting wiki errors, posting here, where you have, is one of the best ways. Even better would be to create a wiki account (I wish one login worked for both forums & wiki!) & either update the page yourself, or failing that, make a note on the page's discussion tab.