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foo_playlists_sort makes you able to sort your playlist list.

Current version (will be edited if new would come): 0.1.9

Use cases:
  • sort playlists alphabetically (ASC/DESC)
  • sort playlists by time (ASC/DESC)
  • sort playlists by tracks number (ASC/DESC)
  • sorting automatically! (there exists option to disable automatic)

Where to use:
  • View->Sort Playlists

>> Download Link <<


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Works great. Thank you for this useful component.


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version: 0.1.9
  • autosorting on changes (as an option)!
  • new options - sorting by time and by tracks number

BTW: Where the heck is EDIT option for posts?


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foo_playlists_sort makes you able to sort your playlist list.
>> Download Link <<

I cannot get the component, the download link leads to a site which shows: "B??d 404 - Obiekt nieznaleziony" (the typical error 404 I assume).
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My blog server ( doesn't work properly and site is broken for now. Sorry for that little mess. Please download component from link that Yirkha gave (thanks Yirkha).

For now should be okay (>> Download Link <<).

Any suggestions about component?


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Hi. I've tried to install foo_playlist_sort component, but I get this message:

"Failed to load DLL: foo_playlists_sort.dll
Reason: Couldn't star application because setup is incorrect. Reinstall the application cuold solve the problem" (or something like that: my version is in spanish).

What should I do?


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Install this.
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