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Decoding Issues With Speex 1.2rc1
Ok guys, I've been a lurker    for awhile, so I'll give you as much info as I possibly can.

I downloaded the windows binary for speex 1.2rc1 from mingw for testing.

The source audio I used for testing is an mp3 at 192kbps 44.1khz 16bit stereo.

I created a .wav in dBPoweramp:
Code: [Select]
Channels 1  (mono)
Sample Rate 16 KHz{CR}
Sample Size 16 bit
Bit Rate 256 kbps
Type WAV

The settings string I used for speex was:
Code: [Select]
speexenc -w --quality 7 --comp 6 --vbr --vad --dtx --denoise -V "test.wav" "test.spx"

The CLI chugged away, spitting out a nicely sized speex file, and everything.

When I tried to test it for playback in Foobar2000 I get this error:
Code: [Select]
Decoding failure at 0:01.280 (Unsupported format or corrupted file): "test.spx"
The funny thing is: it works fine in the latest version of MPlayer when I use that to play it.

Unfortunately, MPUI is not ever going to be my media player of choice, Foobar2000 is just far superior (pardon my ranting.  )
Anyway, if anybody has any ideas for how I should modify my encoding settings, or any way of updating foobar2000's speex decoder, that would be great.

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