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Creating a Playlist from a Text File
could i somehow create a playlist using something like this? if so, how?

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Creating a Playlist from a Text File
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Unfortunately not.
I was missing this feature many times, and would LOVE to have it

Here is another example:
I have a text file with %artist% - %title%, for example:

Code: [Select]
Product Of Reason - Active Repetition
Thunderboys - Fashion
One Gang Logic - Playtime
Sinking Ships - Weight Loss
Juveniles - Another Kind Of Guy
Mystery Girls - Killing Time
Product Of Reason - Five
Defectors - You Only Laughed
Juveniles - Scratched Blue Vinyl
Sinking Ships - 3rd World
Fault 151 - Radiation Man
Urbantech - 9-5 Figment
Product Of Reason - Your Song
Thunderboys - Rich Bitch
Thunderboys - F.B.I.
One Gang Logic - The Stand
Schleimer K - She's Gone
Bron Area - You Would Be Amazed
Ciaran Harte - Johnny Doesn't Need Much
The Legendary Pink Dots - Defeated
Marine Girls - Flying Over Russia
Peter Becker - During Half Sleep
Kevin Harrison - Blinded By Hypnotism
Lemon Kittens - What The Cat Brought In
Where's Lisse? - Red Light
The Tonix - Sex Junk
English Subtitles - Water
Martyn Bates - Nascent Fragrance Of Skin
3 Way Dance - Praise The Flames
No More - Hypnotised
Clinical Noise - Venus Comes
Religious Overdose - Blow The Back Off It
Richard Formby - Your Name You're Strange
Now I would like to see them in playlist without searching my media library for every playlist item
How to do that?

I think it is possible to make such component and probably not that hard to do it

If only foobar could have such feature in some way...

Creating a Playlist from a Text File
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someone wrote a python script for me that made an m3u with it and searched my HDDs for the artists
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