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Go to previously active playlist

Would it be possible to add option "After deleting playlist go to last active playlist"? (if anyone use opera they should be familiar with concept).

Why this could be useful? Imagine having a dozen playlist, the most probable is that you are listening that isn't the last in the list. No if you wan to check something or tag something you probably create new playlist (it will be created at the end of the list), add desired files, check what you wanted to check and then delete the playlist... ending in the playlist which is last on the list. More convinient would be activating last active playlit (ie. most probably currently playing).

Go to previously active playlist

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Go to previously active playlist

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That's great idea. Almost every "tab-based" application has such an option (distinguish which tab/window/playlist activate after deletion - previous, next, last active), so why not foobar2000?  And, as a core option, it would work for all components that use playlist_manager::remove_playlist_switch().