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Library Viewing Sorting
Hi everybody, this is my first post here at hydrogenaudio, so let's hope I didn't post in the wrong forum.

My question about foobar is in regard to the library viewer selection.  In the interest of clarity, I have included a screenshot of my playlist.

As you can see in the screenshot, the albums are not listed chronologically.  I would like to correct this and have foobar list albums by year of release.  I have poked around all over and have yet to find a way to do this.  Does anyone know of a method to do this, or should I just get over it?


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Library Viewing Sorting
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Take a look at Preferences >General >Adding New Files > sort incoming Files.
The various fields that can be used in this box and nearly everywhere in Foobar is located at your instance Help>Titleformating help


How you set this up will be dependent on How your files are tagged.
Good chance that:
%album artist% %date% %album%
will start to get you close
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Library Viewing Sorting
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The library viewer selection is a playlist and its sorting is handled like every other playlist. What playlist are you using? It looks like NG Playlist for Columns UI.

To sort an existing playlist use:
Edit> Sort> Sort by...

To have foobar automatically sort new playlists:
File> Preferences> General> "Sort Incoming files by"

To sort by year of release as you asked, you'll need to develop a sort string that includes %date% (assuming your songs are tagged properly). You may want to try something like this to get you started:
%album artist%|%date%|%album%|%tracknumber%|%title%|%path_sort%

For more information about what fields are available for sorting, see the file titleformat_help.html in your foobar main directory.
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Library Viewing Sorting
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Hi, I seem to be having the same problems with my Library viewer and I cannot find a way to sort everything by chronological date automatically. I've tried your guy's suggestions but nothing seems to be happening. I'm using a vanilla version foobar and here's my layout:

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Library Viewing Sorting
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It looks like the library viewer you are using is the album list.
Your playlist view will inherit the sort options of your viewer - in this case by artist
You can confirm by viewing deeper into your current album list view at, say, Tom Watts and it should show the same sort.

Go to preferences > Media Library > album list and adjust or add another View string.

A simple addition of [%date%] added to the end of the current by artist string may be sufficient.

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