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Request: file creation date and time
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To get the creation time stamp of the file from the file system is the only one solution and correct info to get the latest file added on hard disc.

The last-modification time stamp does not help because we always keep our tags up-to-date and have to update our older files very often (e.g. I update the GROUPING tag with info in which "crate" the file is - using the info for djing with Serato).

I recently requested the last modification and creation timestamp for Tag & Rename and they have implemented both now in 3.7. :-)

Beside an "it-would-really-great" it is more a "must-have" to have the creation time stamp information.

E.g. I want to listen to my latest files I got in the office beside my main job as software developer. So sorting by creation time stamp is the only one help.

Thanks a lot!

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Request: file creation date and time
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I created a new Tag "rows-title": "DateByCreate"
And fill the CreateingDate into it.

In Foobar:"DateByCreate" can be showed


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Request: file creation date and time
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me too would a %file creation date%

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Request: file creation date and time
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This might be a solution: just add a FIELD + VALUE to every tag.

for example:
<NUMBER> 20131227    (Bigger number = newer file.)

This "number" holds date information: 2013, december, day 27
but numbers like 0001 0002 0003 0004 etc. will also work of course.

I don't know how the search function in Foobar2000 works, so this is just a shot in the dark.

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Request: file creation date and time
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I'd like to avoid additional tag for information already.

Request: file creation date and time
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I use this workflow for the last couple of years and it works very fine for me:

1. For adding a file creation date there is  a component foo_filedate which seems to be from 2007 but still works very fine:

Code: [Select]
foo_filedate.dll (2007-09-19 11:07:14 UTC)
               File date 1.0.4

From the components properties:
Code: [Select]
Right-click and add a file date tag.
           Use config page to choose date format.
           For foobar2000 v0.9.x
           Created by Vassilis Androutsopoulos.
           Ported by T.P. Wang
           Build on: Sep 19 2007 - 19:07:00

With a right on a file it creates a file tag %created% with the file creation date yyyymmdd.

2. For adding an added to library date tag I use the foo_new_file_stamper_mod

Code: [Select]
foo_new_file_stamper_mod.dll (2008-12-21 00:05:19 UTC)
         New file stamper 1.0.0 [Dec 21 2008 - 01:05:11]

From the components properties:
Code: [Select]
Component, which let you apply an action to new files in the library
           By Christopher Bowron <>
           Recompiled by Juergen Palm <>

This allows you to perform a tagging action for every new file added to the library.

I created a script "added":

Code: [Select]

This will write YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS into the file tag.

I use this %added% tag for all kind of things. It enables me to sort the library and I even do tweeks like having a script for ipod manager where I write the YYYY-MM into the componist field so that I can access the music on my ipod by month added.

In order to update a whole library one could copy over the %created% tag to the %added% tag taking into account the different formats YYYY-MM-DD and YYYYMMDD

The advantage for me to have hard coded date fields is that once a file changes let's say you convert from ape to flac the created / added tag will convert as well.

If any further advice is needed on this topic I'll be glad to help.

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Request: file creation date and time
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^a little reminder of an earlier post i made....

^as you're updating your files regularly, perhaps you wouldn't mind adding your own custom date created tag? mp3tag can write this by using it's own %_file_create_datetime% field.

i think this beats doing it manually.

I did this; created a coloumn and just being kind by sharing it with you. If the file doesn't have the meta tag, it gives tha last modified value. I converted the last modified date to the format the mp3tag tagged my files. I'm sure everybody did this, I just wanted to fasten your work.
$if($meta(file created)(),$meta(file created),$year(%last_modified%)'.'$month(%last_modified%)'.'$day_of_month(%last_modified%). $time(%last_modified%)))
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