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car stereo problems
hello i recently aquired 1 pioneer premeir 800watt rms 2500 watt peak dual 4 ohm sub, kenwood 8151d 1000watt sub amp,power bass 800 watt by 4 channal amp and everytime i hook them up the work fine for about an hour then it all shuts off....after it all shuts off my deck doesn't seem to put out an rca signal i have gone through 5 decks and am extremely frustrated cause before i had an audiobahn alumq 2000watt sub and an audiobahn 1800watt class d mono amp hooked up for months no problems it seems like i am getting some kind of voltage feeding back into my rca out puts the decks all still work but they wont send a signal to the amps ?

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car stereo problems
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Are you absolutely, positively sure you don't have a loose power or remote connection? I'm simply asking since if you have loose connections, especially with grounding, several different problems will occur. Other thing is, is your battery dying? Low voltage can cause problems with the deck, so that it won't "stay on".

my setup is comprised of Pioneer deck driving the door speakers and two macrom 12" reflex subs driven by 4-channel magnat with rated output 250W per channel, thus I have no big currents flowing. Damn, my back window heater takes more current than my amp!  I have never experienced other electrical difficulties than loose connections.
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car stereo problems
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i have gone through 5 decks
All 5 decks had the same problem?

How are you connected?  Do you have an electronic crossover between the sub and the main amp?  Do you have Y-adapters feeding the "RCA" signal to both the sub and the main amp?

That's a strange problem...  I suppose you could have a DC signal getting-back into the deck.  But I wouldn't expect that to happen, and if it did, I wouldn't expect an intermittant problem.

It really sounds like thermal protection (power amps), but that should kill one amp or the other, not both!

You could try unplugging the sub and the main amp one at a time to figure-out if one or the other is killing the signal. 

Have you been able to confirm that the problem is the RCA output?  You can confirm that by hooking-up an iPod, or something else in place of the deck.  You can try that when the system seems dead, or you can just drive around for a couple of days with the iPod in place of the head unit.

Do you have any speakers connected to the decks speaker outputs?  Have you tested the deck's speaker outputs when the RCA's are dead?

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car stereo problems
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Are you saying that each of the five decks worked for an hour and then failed permanently? If it was excess voltage fed back into the inputs then it probably wouldn't take an hour. This sounds more like an overheating problem.