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Request: Querys as filters on playlists
I have created some really cool autoplaylists that works more as filters to sort out in all the crap I have in my library; tracks I don't want to hear usually when I shuffle. I.e. anything that has "intro/outro/interlude etc" and has a playtime more than x..... I find this filter extremely useful compared to just shuffling everything.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have predefined querys that you can apply to the current playlist? This would differ from autoplaylists because you can use other library filters than just a plain autoplaylists. I.e., if you search just one specific artist or genre (or use facets to do it) you just want to listen to right now, but you still want to apply certain predefined rules to this.

Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P

Request: Querys as filters on playlists
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A simple textline for typing in some query that would directly filter the active playlist itself would be a good replacement for playlist search window - abilty to remember old queries and having them available by dropdown like in facets search would indeed be useful feature.
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