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A way to prevent bitrate modes
Hiya !
I have noticed that a big number of ogg newbies are trying to encode their tracks using bitrates instead of quality modes.
I know that bitrates modes are needed for streaming, but we should think about a way to prevent newbies to use these mode, or we will soon have many "bad" ogg encoded tracks flying around or people saying that vorbis is not good.

A few ideas :
- asking something like "are you sure you want to specify a bitrate, which will lead to bad quality ?" But the problem is that it will do nothing with frontends.
- Taking these modes out of the normal builds, and distributing special builds intended for streaming.
- Taking it out of the documentation and of the command line help? But there will always be the problem of the frontends.

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A way to prevent bitrate modes
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Give me a moron-proof tool, and I will find you a better moron.

Edit: In case it wasn't clear, I just mean that no matter what you do, people will still try to use bitrates.


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A way to prevent bitrate modes
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I have only recently gotten into using the quality modes myself. 4 and 5 are quite spiffy. It takes quite a bit of adjustment after nine to ten years of setting the bitrate.

I am desperatly trying to get a sucessful compile of Icecast2 going right now though. After 3 years of dooing internet MP3 radio all this recent enforcement of MP3 licensing had got me down on the whole format. I just decided to scrap the stream till something better came along. Enter Vorbis. Once Icecast2 and the bit stripper are out it will be bliss. I can keep my high quality versions on the system and still use them to stream a medium bandwidth stream with a small amount of CPU power. I guess getting my mail server up should be more of a priority though.

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A way to prevent bitrate modes
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Some of us are trying to work out a better design for oggdrop to deal with that... but as Garf said, they won't be able to beat the super-morons

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A way to prevent bitrate modes
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LOL, Is there ever such a thing as a SUPER MORON?? I've known a few morons in my life, but never a super moron .

Yeah its like the morons who think stereo implementation is better than the JS in LAME. Also those who think 128KBps MP3 IS CD quality. And those who think 98KBps WMA IS CD quality.
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A way to prevent bitrate modes
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LOL... some believe WMA 64kbps is CD quality, just because "Bill Gates says so".
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