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Searching for specific accented characters?

Case in point, I try to search for "ñ" on my active playlist, but it ignores the accent and finds all other "n" letters as well. The Query Syntax Help file that comes with the player says that "When using the simple search, any latin characters are matched regardless of their accents, e.g. “foo” will match “foo” as well as “föö” or “fóo”" which explains that, but it also implies that by using advanced search I could somehow make it search only that accented character. I tried title HAS ñ, but that didn't give me desired results either, still find all n letters in the title field.

So, is it possible to specifically search for this accented character?
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Searching for specific accented characters?

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"$strstr(%title%,ñ)" PRESENT


Searching for specific accented characters?

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IMO foobar should work this way :

- If we type "espana" il will look for "espana" and also for "españa"
- BUT if we care to type "españa" it should only look for "españa" (or "españà", "éspaña", "éspañà", etc.) but not for "espana" anymore.

In other words, I think there should be a difference between the umlaut/accented chars and the standard ones :

- Any standard ascii char should have a list of corresponding umlaut/accented chars to look for (e.g. "a" -> "a", "à", "ä", etc.). This already works within foobar AFAIK.
- BUT any umlaut/accented char should restrict the ongoing search to strings containing exactly that specific char. (e.g. "é" -> foobar will look only for "é", not for "e" anymore)

Do you agree with this ? 

Searching for specific accented characters?

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To foobar devs : any thoughts on my previous post ? (can foobar's search behaviour be modified accordingly / will it be in a next release ?)

Searching for specific accented characters?

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Added to feature proposals list.
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